Monday, August 07, 2006

Got baby?

Nope, not yet. I dropped off my 24 hr urine analysis & got blood taken today at the lab. Guess the results for that will come in tomorrow. Then it was off to the ob/gyn for my non stress test & BP check.

The NST went well. My little bugger didn't move all day. She straps on the sensors for the NST & he decided to do the copacabana. Movin all over. So when the tech came in she said the NST was good & by the looks of it, we would not be having Ethan tonight. Then she asked me to lay on my left side for the nurse to come in to take my BP. Well I couldn't do it. The pain in my groin is so intense that I couldn't even turn over. It didn't matter BP was normal. So no baby this evening.

I know it's a good thing. The longer he stays in the better but I am so uncomfortable, can't sleep & to be honest it feels as if my groin area was hit with 3 baseball bats. I just want a little relief but I know it's for the better.

So to console myself I treated myself to MickyD's for dinner. Had a Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese. YUM! I am sure I will swell up more than I have been in months b/c of all the salt but you know what???!!!??? It was worth it!

My sister came over & helped me pack my scrapbooking supplies today. The Bobster cleaned the bathroom & did some kitchen stuff for me. Thank goodness b/c I think my bathroom was getting ready to lock us out b/c of all the dirt. Wasn't pretty people! Not pretty at all.

So here I sit. Large & in charge watching Hell's Kitchen. Man alive, I love that Chef Ramsey! So keep me in your thoughts & prayers that I am able to get some relief tonight to sleep.

Woops out!



I'm glad your BP is good - yea he needs a little more incubation.....kinda just gotta grin and bear it glad you're getting moving help!


Have you considered sitting on an ice pack, or just putting one where it hurts? I imagine the pain is from getting stretched to death, and not from inflammation, but it might still be nice for a bit.


oh sweetie.. I got so bitchy and irritable at the end of my pregnancy's that I'm surprised dh didn't leave my grouchy arse. I hope you rest well tonight...


My theory was always that you can't sleep prior to having the baby so that by the time you have the baby, you're used to getting up multiple times each night.

Tara O'Rourke

Jacquie is correct-your body is teaching you all about getting up in the middle of the night feeding a newborn. Have you thought about sleeping in a recliner? I know lots of my friends used to do that when they got this far along. It's no fun having a baby on your crotch...ouch, and MINE was sewn shut so the pressure was unbearable on the closure-OWIE!!! OK-TMI....back to your regularly scheduled day


Well I'm glad to hear that everything is good with your doctor visit. I can remember feeling terrible that last month and snapping at everyone cause I didn't feel good. Hang in their's almost over! Now....I'm going to have to go get a MickeyD's sandwich for lunch thanks to your power of suggestion!! LOL :P

Sarah Beth Scott

Sending safe delivery vibes your way! I can't wait to see a photo!!!


The groin pain..lovely aint it? I worked like that, with osmething that felt like a medicine ball pushing down on parts not meant to stick out and hurt. I worked right until my due date like that..the things you do for good mat leave :rolls eyes:

Glad to hear your good and healthy, haven't seen you posting for maybe its been time huh???

To make you feel a little Abby onl;y had one night time feeding until she was about 6 weeks old and since then she has slept from 10 to 10. Yup thats right 12 can be done.