Thursday, August 03, 2006

Preggy Update:

Had my weekly visit today.
Not dialated.
Protein in urine.
Higher blood pressure.
Gained 2lbs. Total 26.5 now.

Dr. had me leave another urine sample so she could send out to the lab to make sure I do not have an infection.
Took my blood pressure before I left, down a little, but she didn't like it.
Have to do a 24 hour urine sample where I pee in a jug from Sunday to Monday.
Drop that off on Monday & get blood work done.
Then go back to the ob/gyn for a non stress test & bp check.If she doesn't like the results, off for a c-section I go.
Told me to relax this weekend.
Um, yea!
My house needs to be packed.
I am going to stay in bed all weekend & try to bribe my sister to come pack for me.


Tara O'Rourke

Hang in there girlie-you are almost done!!! BTW-I saw a pregnant lady tonight in the store and thought of SHE was big...nothing like you, you look little-seriously. I chuckled all the way down the cereal aisle. Good thing she didn't notice. She was a size 4 rear end with a size 24 belly out in front-looked UNCOMFORTABLE. You are CUTE. ;)


Hang in there babe. You are almost there and will soon have a beautiful baby boy!


You are almost there (and so am I EEK!). Is your nursery all set? DO you have everything you need? Did I miss a post about a baby shower? I'm so excited for you!!!