Sunday, August 13, 2006

European Time

Yes, yes, I am convinced my body is on European time. That would explain why I am up at 4am today or everyday for the past 2 weeks. Of course, it's 10am in France so my body must have jet lag from my trip to Paris in Jan 2005~!!!!!!!!!! Or it could be that that is when the Bobster likes to come to bed. Thus adding pressure & heat to the bed, which in turn keeps me awake. Not his fault really. Then my stomach gets the signal that I am awake & decided to growl as if I haven't put food in it since my trip to Paris! (Which by the way, doesn't have the greatest food but that's another topic!)

I am so friggin tired. I just looked at the bed with longing. Well first the clock, 6:31am, then the bed. Only to be disappointed b/c before I got in last night I had to remake it b/c someone, ahem not me, pulls the covers out & twists them all around. I need the covers tucked in & straight. Guess what? They are all twisted, the body pillow I have is now hot b/c someone is using it & my head pillow is wrapped in his arms, which is like trying to break open the safe that holds the Hope diamond. Not to mention the human chain saw is going at like he is destroying the Pine Barrons!

Is it so pathetic that I am looking forward to the hospital stay? Where at night I will be by myself, in a bed that reclines? With no fan on if I don't want it. Which is a moot point in my house! Too bad if I don't like the fan. Well someone has hair & little bits of hair tickle that person's face & nose all night unlike the follically challenged who sleeps in the same bed!

So, like I told the girls, there are only 3 more sleeps until the grand debut!!!! Can you believe it? I still have to wash the bassinet bumpers & sheets plus the 3-6 months onesies & mittens that I got him. Guess I should do that today or tomorrow since those will be the last days I have my own washer & dryer. That is the one thing I am going to miss most of all Toto! My washer & dryer. Now I have to schlep it to the laundry room or the laundromat. Guess it's a small price to pay for having a 3 bedroom townhouse compared to my one bedroom apartment.

Of course, we move day after tomorrow & I still have packing to do. It's pathetic really. Altho. maybe the packing will induce labor & he will come even that many more sleeps earlier. Hee hee.

Woops out!


Awesome Abby

LOL @ the follically challenged. Not much longer...hang in there. Next thing you know, he'll be a half a year old and you'll wonder where all the time went. trust me. i know.



Dude - where are you? Did you have that baby yet? I'm going in next Tuesday!!!! I updated my blog with photos. I'm huge now!!!