Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cheeks has arrived!

Yes, my little raspberry arrived in the world at 9:04am on 8/16. His weight....11lbs, 1 oz & he measured 22 3/4" long. He was remeasured at the ped yesterday & he is actually 21 3/4" long.

He is absolutely beautiful!!!!! He has light brown hair, perfect skin & his cheeks weigh at least 5 lbs each. We are working on getting him on a schedule but so far no such luck. Mommy is sleep deprived & cries a lot. A lot more than "Cheeks."

I am slowly recovering from the c-section. It was intimatidating at first & I cried in the OR b/c they wouldn't let Bobby in right away. Then when he came in, I cried & told everyone I was sorry. They all said I had nothing to be sorry for.

Anyway Ethan spent his first day in the NICU. He swallowed some of my amniotic fluid on his way out & had wet lung. So I didn't get to see him til 5:30 in the afternoon. I cried b/c he was hooked up to so many wires BUT he got better & the next day spent the day with Mommy &Daddy in Mommy's hospital room.

Must run. Time to wake "Cheeks" up!

Woops out! or should that be "MOMMY OUT!"



Meghan, he is absolutely gorgeous and the great thing is, he's so big that you probably won't feel as if he's as fragile. Believe me, babyies are NOT as fragile as you think!

Congrats on your beautiful baby boy!


He is absolutely PRECIOUS!!!

Nap when he naps...Mommy needs to recover!!! Don't try to do too much at once...or it will take you that much longer to recover.

Congrats and your beautiful baby!!


11 fricking lbs! You have to be KIDDING me!! No way!! That is nuts Meghan!! You grow BIG babies!

Um, just a note - I never ever woke Joey up for a feeding. He would wake on his own and this actually allowed him to sleep through the night on the first day we got home. He slept 11-5am. Are you waking him for feedings?

Boy - he is absolutely gorgeous!!!! SOOOO beautiful!!!

Am I going to hate having a c-section? I wanna see more photos!! Sounds like you have a tad of baby blues. I had it for a few days after delivery and cried about EVERYTHING. Thankfully it went away quickly.


Congrats! He is adorable!


Meghan he's beautiful!!! Congratulations... I wish we lived closer so I could help you out some... give those cute cheecks a big fat kiss from Aunty Beth


What a curie! He is perfect!!!! Congrats!!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu

Meghan! Congrats! He is such a cutie and I can't believe how big! WOW!
I remember crying alot too. Hormones are out of whack. Go with the flow. And my unsolicited advice.......NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY!!!
Babies usually present their own schedules, but good luck.
Get your rest, sleep when the baby does. Who cares about anything else.
He's beautiful.

Felicia McB

oh my gosh he is just gorgeous!!! congrats Meghan!


He is so cute! Im so happy for you.

The whole crying thing is normal after delivery. However, if it lasts more than 2 weeks talk to a professional. I went through it with my second, Im here for you if you need anything at all.

Best wishes!!!!

Angel's Imaginations

So fabulous, Meghans! You finally have your baby--how exciting! He certainly looks like a big healthy baby boy! What a cutie!
I can't wait to see your new baby boy LO's! Tee, hee. Congrats! :-)


he is gorgeous! congratulations!


What an adorable little angel!! All that love is just overwhelming isn't it? Enjoy every second with him, even the tough ones. They help you earn your mommy stripes. Focus on him and getting some sleep and not much else and don't wake him up unless you absolutely have to. I found with my kids that the more they slept the better they slept. Being overtired actually gets in the way of their sleeping.


I hope you update with more photos soon! I'm getting anxious! I go in on Tuesday. Wish me luck. BTW - I had that baby blues after Joey came home about the dumbest things, like my mom brought me a blanket I asked for and I cried. It was wild. It only lasted a few days thankfully!


Meghan, he is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! CONGRATS!! Sorry you're sleep deprived, welcome to motherhood ;) **insert evil grin**


What a beautiful baby boy Meghan! I'm so happy for you! Those baby blues are normal at first because your hormones are readjusting but if it doesn't ease up talk to your doctor. I, too, would have to advise.....NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY! Babies know when they are tired and they know when they are hungry and they know when they have a dirty diaper.....BELIEVE ME.....Ethan WILL let you know if he has any of those needs! **giggling** Love you bunches! {{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}}


I am so happy for you! no wonder you were so soar! You have a big beautiful baby boy! I love it when they are Healthy! You have been in my prayers girlfriend. SMILE you are loved. Can't wait to hear from you on HHS!

Carolyn F

He's BEAUTIFUL!! 11 pounds though... defeinitely glad you had a csection. He's absolutely precious -- congratulations MOM!

the nana

thank you for the most beautiful grandson i could imagine. i'll tell you again and again..he looks EXACTLY like you and erin did. a clone....but with different plumbing..he's perfect and i agree with the girls on the comment NOT wake a sleeping baby.....i love you


He's so beautiful Meghan!! Congrats!!!