Thursday, August 10, 2006

He likes it too much in there.

Yes, he's never making his debut. After some pain this morning & back pain & such, I called the ob/gyn & she sent me to the hospital to be monitored. Luckily the Bobster made it home in time to take me. He started Dunkin Donuts today!

Anywho, arrived at the hospital & they gave me a belly band, in Queen size. Bobby thought XL would be bigger. You can tell the man has never had to buy pantyhose. So I put that on plus my stunning hospital gown that wouldn't really tie. Hook me up to the monitors & proceed to watch me.

I was having what they call interference contractions. I barely felt them at this point. The baby was moving a lot when we first got there, then calmed down. The nurse asked me a bunch of medical questions, yadda yadda. Then she decides it's time to see if I am dialated. Ok, my dr & nurse practitioner are so gently. Not this bitch! I swear she stuck her entire arm up there & she was up there for like 10 minutes. Was she hoping to pull him out? Anywho, no dialation. So it looked like I was headed home. Of course I got all emotional & just wanted to stay. It was actually a very comfy bed, unlike here. I have no recliner so I try to lay somewhat reclined with pillows & such but no such luck. Not to mention my couch sucks! It's got a low back so I can't even get comfy on that. I know it's a good thing that the baby stays in for more time but the pressure between my legs is so bad, I can barely walk.

I think I have earned the nickname that my h.s. gym teacher gave me "Weeble Wobble". I waddle so bad that I get on my own nerves! So after some tears, my ob/gyn said for me to go home. So I stopped to see my girlfriend who had her baby yesterday. Such a sweetheart. Then the Bobster & I left & we went to Burger King. That didn't really cheer me up, so my sister & I went to BRUS this evening & I got Ethan his thermometer & the CUTEST EVER OUTFIT with matching socks. OMG! So cute! That cheered me a little but now it's time for bed, so the pelvic pain will be in full force.

Say a prayer, thought, whatever that Ethan will like to make his debut soon! Sure I'm not fully packed but I just don't care anymore!

Woops out!



So when are you trying for the girl???

Just kidding. Sorry you are so uncomfortable. (((HUGS))))

the nana

as they say..when the apple is ripe it'll fall from the only have less than a week to go. you'll be ok scheggie...i love you

Kathy Carr

Hang in there girlfriend!! The last days are the worst. A recliner does make a big difference ~ if I lived closer I'd let you borrow mine! I'm thinking about you . . . have you tried eating a pineapple?? It worked for Abby!

Carolyn F

I hope it's soon for you dear!


Oh Meghan, try to find the positives. I know it's difficult but I hate seeing you so upset.


{{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}} Try some meditation Meghan. Relax your mind and escape from the miserable feelings. Take big deep breaths and is almost over!

Love ya!