Tuesday, August 01, 2006


It's my friend, but also my enemy. I finally figured out it is the Zoloft that is messing with my sleep pattern. I forgot to take it night before last & I had a great nights sleep. Last night, I took it & was up every 2 hrs & finally woke up at 5:30 this morning for good. Sigh! It's helping me deal with the stress of my personal life so I love it but I am going to have to start taking it in the morning.

Other exciting news...hmm...sick today. To put it midly, I have to visit the bathroom quite often. I woke the Bobster up this morning & mentioned it to him & he said he had the same problem last night. We went to a local restaurant/bar for dinner & both had "Buffalo" things, he had a steak sandwich & I had wings. I had 5 wings but I guess it was enough to give me the ickies.

Got some packing done yesterday. So I am ahead, I suppose.
Today,not so much. It's 12 Noon & I am still in my pj's. No motiviation today, no motiviation at all.

Talked to the ob/gyn about moving my c-section up. It's a no go. Ethan needs to bake some more for his lungs to properly develop. He will be here soon. Like 15 days! OH MY GOSH! Are they really sending me home with a baby? Am I really going to be a mommy? Holy cow! Talk about overwhelming!

With that final thought, I will sign off.

Woops out!



Dude - email me - designsbybriana@gmail.com so I can answer some of your questions. You owe me a photo. You HAVE to take a photo of how big you are! I gotta see!!!

Nik Just Nik

Oh Meghan it is the Zoloft.. I have been on it for years.. If you want to know anything drop me a line. I had to take it when I was pregnant too...

Nik Just Nik

Meghan I Know how you feel darl. I have been on that stuff for years.. If you want to ask anything give me a holler okay...