Saturday, August 05, 2006

My digi works!!
My digi works!!

I have no idea what was wrong with it but I put in some Shop Rite batteries & works. Hallelujiah!!!!

So what were the first photos I took? Me, of course.

Briana has been asking for some of me at 9 months preggy so here they are. I was going to grace you all with a naked belly shot but decided to spare you. Trust me, I look like a road map with all the stretch marks going on. Guess they are the battlewounds of pregnancy.

I am pretty low & I think, looking very similar to Shamu or Orka, take you pick!

So there ya have it. Me at 37 weeks!

Woops out!



I think you look AWESOME!!!!! Can't wait for Ethan's arrival!!


I think you look great. You worry too much. Pregnant women are the most beautiful women in the world.


Dude, you look great! Take one more and hold your shirt in so you can see how round you are (like I do!!). You need dh to take a photo! Oh and my tummy has had stretch marks since Joey. This time they are not nearly as bad!!!


You look great. Thats not huge..huge is going from 96 pounds to 187 pounds. Freedom killed me. I have never lost the weight yet...sigh :(

Good luck with the delivery..I am praying for a nice 8 pound baby for ya! Lets hope they over guessed!

After all four of my kids I can safely say I will never wear a 2 piece again

Tara O'Rourke

You look beautiful Meghan!! Not at all like Shamu or Orca! Just plain gorgeous! Stretch marks...battle wounds of motherhood! I have them too. And NOT just on my belly!


Now I see you! YOu look great!


You look MAHVELOUS dahling!!!!! Simply....beautifully.....MAHVELOUS!