Friday, September 08, 2006


No, not the club on "Charmed", P3 stands for Puke, Poop & Pee. Yes all 3 have been done on me in a matter of hours by my little Cheeks.

It first started when I fed him. I was lifting him up to put on my shoulder when all of a sudden he decided to spew! And spew he did...all over the Mommy. It went in my hair, my face, my mouth, my shirt. YUCK! So I cleaned him, cleaned me & went on with my day.

Hours later I went to change him. Had a poopie diaper. So as I am changing him, I wipe his tushie, he farts & the poop starts coming again & again & again! So much that it got on my fingers. DOUBLE YUCK! So he finishes, I clean up & on with the day we go.

Now I have to change him again. So I am wiping him down, it was just a peepee diaper when all of a sudden he decides there is a fire to put out & starts to pee everywhere. Primarily on the Mommy. I got him quickly covered with a wipe but not before he left his significant mark on me! Sort of like a dog marking his terriority.

It's all worth it tho.

Now what I find amusing today is that so many people have an opinion on my son's name. I have been asked to change it, asked if I got him boxing lessons to fend off the kids when he goes to school & even if I want him to grow up to be in show business. I guess when you have a child it gives others the right to give you their opinion on the chosen name. Now I could understand if I had given him a symbol as a name or named him Valley of the Dolls or Audio Science but Ethan, come on....COOL NAME!!!!!

O well. My little "Cheeks" is getting so big!!!!! He makes so many funny noises when he is awake & sleeping. He likes to grunt but I feel sad when in his sleep he will make the booboo lip & wimper. I want to help him but can't figure out why he does it. It only lasts 5 seconds but it's enough to break the Mommy's heart.

I am getting his newborn pics done on Monday. Can't wait!!!!! I want to get the one done of him, naked, with a blue bow tied on him. We shall see!

He went in his swing for the first time yesterday. I think he enjoyed it. He fell asleep with a frown...which made him look even more like his Great Grandpop Woeppel. He gets to meet him tomorrow!! Ethan is going to have a couple fun, filled days ahead of him in the next week or so.

The house is slowly coming along. Not fast enough for me & not how I like but cest la vie.

I think that is it for now. Exhaustion is my new best friend, so my brain isn't functioning at top performance.

Woops out!



Meghan I can't wait to see new pics of sweet baby Ethan! And I agree, Ethan is a GREAT name!

BTW - we need your new address!!!!! Hard to send baby gifts with no addy right!!

Hugs and we miss you around Untamed girl!



Ohh, I'm cracking up and grossing out at the same time! Welcome to motherhood - now you've gone thro the big three rites of passage! I feel for ya - I'd have been begging to shower and scrub after each event! Miss ya at the Jungle - but I understand your plate is fulL!

Kris Mazy

MEGHAN!!!! HE IS SO CUTE!!!! Just wait until you have 4!!! :)


He is so adorable! Can't wait to see new pictures of him. I got the same thing on my son's name. sigh. lol

Deanna Payne

Meghan, there is nothing wrong with the name you picked and no one has the right to ask you to change it. You suffered the pregnancy and delivery and you care for him now. Besides I love the name!