Monday, September 18, 2006

One Month Old!

Cheeks was officially one month old this past Saturday! I can't believe it. He has changed so much in just the 4 weeks he has been here (5 weeks day after tomorrow.)

I got his proofs back from his first official photography shoot. My child is absolutely gorgeous in them! I say, he's ready for print work, then commercials, then tv, before you know it...MOVIES! Yes, I am bias. I think he is the bestest looking babe ever. I tell him everyday, each time I feed him. I tell him he a handsome devil, a pretty boy & that all the other babies talk about how gorgeous he is & that yes, he is indeed King of the Babies. :>) Hope he doesn't grow up to have an ego.

Started him on cereal today. DO NOT tell the pediatrician. Big no no. They wanted to wait til he was 6 mos old. Um, hello! He was 11lbs at birth. So upon questioning other mommy's, I found that only one followed dr's orders & waited til the right time to give her child cereal. Everyone else started cereal when they thought it was the right time. So he got a tablespoon of rice cereal (YUM!) in his 6 oz of formula today. Held him off for about 6 hrs. Of course, I was out & about with him & once he hits the car & stroller, Cheeks is down for the count. Hmm...guess I will have to take him for a walk at 3am. Just look for the crazy woman with the stroller in the middle of the night...that will be moi.

I am enjoying being home way to much! I so do not want to go back to work. Sadly it's a necessary evil. On a bright note, my little sister quit her job & is going to watch Cheeks for us. We are paying her & this way I know in my heart he is getting the best care & won't be ignored.

Well, he's up. Time to read him some stories!

Woops out!



Doesn't it feel good when we can count on family members to help us out! How great for you! I'm glad!


I can't wait to see his first official professional photos!!


More pics, more pics! I love reading about Cheeks!


I wanna see the photos too!! Awesome about your sister! I don't wanna go back either!!