Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How many nuts are in there?

Just some photos of my little Cheeks. See why I call him Cheeks?
The lower photo is of Ethan meeting his Great Grandpop for the first time. I really like the fingers touching each other. My sister got a close up of just the fingers that I will most likely get framed. Of course, my son's straight as an arrow leg is in the photo....anyone know how to photoshop that out? Any help would be appreciated it.

The babe is up to 6oz at feedings...he's getting so big. He's getting fussy now, just heard him, so must run!

Woops out!



Meghan he is sucha cutie! love those cheeks! And for what it's worth I love his name. If SarahAnn was a boy we where thinking of Elias- shoulda heard the guff we got for that. hehe (oh yes we still get guff for SarahAnn)

Felicia McB

he is so darling! and cheeks is definitly a good name for him! too precious, thanks for sharing these pics, we've all been wanting another peek at the new little man.


What a cutie!! You just want to pinch those cheeks!! :)


Meghan!!! Ethan is a little babe! My first had really big cheeks too....YUMMY! Congrats mama!!!


Very Cute photos :):):)
send me the hands photo, I will try to help it if you want :):):)


Wow, he is so cute, and what a special picture. I am glad you are treasuring being a mommy, it is the greatest feeling in the world! And it gets better.


Love the nickname 'cheeks' of 'sweetcheeks'...seems to fit him perfectly.

As for his name, well, I'd have a few choice words for anyone who had the audacity to walk up to me and say anything about my child's name!

Thanks for sharing the pics girlie.