Thursday, September 21, 2006

Swing Low Lamby's, Swing Low!

I like the swing, I don't like the swing, I like the swing, I don't like the swing. If I could just make up my mind. Maybe these lamby's can help a baby out & tell me if I should like it. I like my outfit, so why not like the swing.

As you can see, Cheeks likes the swing on his terms. Not mine.

Normally this wouldn't be bad BUT I have discovered this week that when he is tired he wants Mommy to hold him to go to sleep. Hmm....I can do it but just between you & I, I was told to let him cry it out. I have done it twice now & it breaks my heart. He was fed, clean, dry & not not feeling ok, so I knew it was just that he was pissed. I can tell that cry immediately. He usually uses the pissed cry when he is hungry & I haven't gotten his bottle in his mouth fast enough. You would think I was torturing the poor babe.

I am also having issues with letting Cheeks be on his own when he is awake. I want to interact with him, so he learns & knows he's loved. Altho. I am finding that sometimes that get's him overstimulated so I have stepped back & let him stare at the wall. I do put him under his gym or in the swing or prop Elmo up next to him to look at but the wall, well it is just so damn interesting that he can't tear his eyes away. Of course earlier, the box that holds my glider is sitting on the floor & Cheeks was staring at it like it was a Picasso, so go figure!

Only 3 weeks to go before I have to return to work. If anyone knows a way I can make my income staying home....let me know! And get health insurance at the same time. I am so going to have a hard time going back to work.

On a brighter note, I have cooked 3 times this week. Last night, Bruschetta Chicken...not too shabby...topping could have been crustier. Tonight I threw in some drumsticks with red potato wedges, drizzled Italian dressing & Romano cheese on top, baked at 400 for one hour & if I say so myself....VERY TASTY!!!!

On that note....

Woops out!



LOL he looked like he did not care for it. I could not swing Boomer for the longest time. He did not like it. But then he decided it was ok. Wait til he sees the Christmas Lights! He will go nuts over them. At least all the babies in my family did. LOL


Trust your instincts. I'm not a fan of letting babies cry it out until they're much older. Your little guy needs you and you can't spoil a baby by responding to his needs. JMO


You need to do what you feel is right. Don't allow anybody, including a doctor, tell you what you should be doing. Ppl have been mothering since the beginning of time, it's an instinct that tells you what is right and wrong! Go with your gut.


Justin was the same way about the swing but he seems to like it most of the time now. We have one that rocks side to side and he seems to like that.
I hear you on the crying it out. We did that when Joey was about 6 months old and it was hard.