Monday, September 25, 2006


Look at those cheeks! Look at those chins! Notice the lack of neck? That is affectionately referred to as a know, when your chin & neck are just all's called a check! He has the cutest check around. That is his one month picture. So big!

On a bright note....last night I asked the Bobster to fix Cheeks bottle & feed him, told him put 1.5 tbs of cereal in it. Well unbknowst to me, Bobby filled it & put 2 tbs in it. So Cheeks sucked down the bottle then took an additional ounce. I put him in the pack n play about 10:30 & he slept til 5:00! Hello! 5:00!!!!! No waking in between!!!! He was out cold. Started to fuss about 4:30 or so but kept nodding off. So at 5, I got up & changed him & fed him & by 6am he was back to bed & so was I. I slept til 8 & Cheeks til about 9.

Now he has been pretty much sleeping all day. Which has me a bit worried b/c he is usually awake a lot more. I hope he feels ok. He is cool to the touch but when I change him next I am going to take his temp. Maybe he just needs sleep today. Maybe he's bored? I'm not sure. I am new at all this, so I constantly worry.

Enough about that b/c if I go on, I will bundle him up & take him to the dr. before I know it.

As for me, well I had to be lanced today. Let's just say that I had a "boil" in an area that "boils" shouldn't be. Man did that hurt! OUCH! My skin is still irritated but I feel tons better.

I cooked again tonight. Shakenbake Pork Chops...the Bobster loves the shakenbake. For some reason tho. it was crispy, then I cooked it an additional 7 mins b/c the chops were thick & the shakenbake came out mushy. Hmm....don't know why.

Well, must clean up! Gots to sneak some Keebler Double Stuffed Fudge cookies while I do.

Woops, out!



gawd Meggers.. looks at how cute he is... he's prolly growing.. babies do that sleeping thing when they grow.. don't worry to much!


Hiya Meghan. 1st things 1st, you don't know me, and i don't know you, just to clear that up. I found your blog just from clicking that next blog button, and I found you. hmmmm that is one adorable baby you've got there. my page is so hit me back. have a nice day


How big is he now? He looks huge!! Justin is out of 0-3 month clothing and into 3-6 month but some of those are a little short on him. He's going to be tall like his daddy. Ummm, do what you will but you are really not supposed to give babies formula with cereal until they are around 4 months old, some say 6 months because their stomachs have a hard time digesting it and it can cause allergies. I know, our parents gave it to us when we were like a week old!

I gave Joey cereal one or two weeks before he was 4 months old - coincidentally he has milk AND egg allergies and none of us in the family have food allergies. That is awesome he slept so long! Justin did a 5 hour stretch the other night and it was wonderful!


He'll be fine. I agree, he may be growing. I wouldn't worry too much. Babies are not as fragile as everyone thinks.


Meghan he's so adorable! Taylor needed cereal. He was growing so fast, he couldn't get enough formula. We had to start him on solids at 4 weeks and he was fine - still growing like a weed at 17.

Sleep is good - he's probably growing. Babie, kids, people, do their growing at night while they rest. That's another reason babies sleep so much. It's fine - if he sleeps to long I'd wake him though so he doesn't get his days and nights confused... and yes - they all do that too lol

He's precious Meghan - love the checks!