Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Can he BE anymore cuter? I don't think so! Man is that baby adorable. This was a quick, impromptu photo shoot in his new corduroy, hunting hat that Mommy bought him over the weekend. The hat is affectionately referred to as an "Eraserhead" hat in our household. I think Cheeks likes it! Mommy definitely thinks it "makes the baby!"

He had his one month check up yesterday. My little raspberry is up to 13lbs, 4 ounces & according to his pediatrician "Perfect." She told me he was beautiful & then gave him kisses. That's what I like to beautiful my boy is. Yes, yes, I am partial but come on, look close, the kid is gorgeous!

He has fallen into somewhat of a routine the pass 2 nights. He eats about 8, falls asleep about 10 & sleeps til 2. Now last night I wanted to give him a bottle at 11 with cereal in it. Um, yea, not so much. He was asleep & Hiroshima could happen next to his head & the babe is not waking up! Seriously, if he is in a deep sleep, he is out! Gone! Buh Bye & Hello Dreamland. That's good sometimes, but othertimes, whew, it's just impossible to wake him. Trust me, everyone has tried!!!!

Bobster is out of town. My house, altho. still chaotic, is somewhat orderly & clean. Yes, I love the Bobster but his a SLOB! With a capital S-L-O-B! So as of now, there aren't any dirty socks lying on the floor or shorts thrown in the corner or dishes lying around, sans my cereal bowl that I just used to my left but um, hello, I will take it to the kitchen!

On other notes, I am itching to scrap but just can't find the time. My stuff is packed away in the boys closet, upstairs. I have no idea when I will get to scrap again.

Cheeks is 5 weeks old today. I can not believe it!!!!!!!! He still loves to curl up in the fetal position on my chest. Love that! Of course, he also likes to bob his head from my left shoulder, to my chin, then hurl himself into my arms on the right so he is cradled. Good thing I catch him everytime. Hee hee.

Well better go get the bahbots made before he wakes! He's taking his "My belly is so full after breakfast" nap.

Woops out!



Aww... he is adorable and love the hat.


Meghan it's so good to catch up with everything going on with you and your family! Ethan is beyond adorable!! I know how sad it is to have to think about the return to happens way way too fast! Take in every second, love him and squeeze him every chance you have and thank God that your little man is going to be in the capable hands of your sister! I am so thrilled about that!! Hey...CUTE HAT!!


Hey Meghan, It's good to see that your keeping up with your blog. This way I get keep up with what's going on with you and Ethan. It looks like Ethan is getting better looking every day, he's so handsome!I love, love, love the hat, it's so cuteeee! there is so many cute outfits out there, don't you just love baby clothes shopping!

Take care and give Ethan a big kiss from his Aunt Patty&Uncle Mike!

the nana

lovin that hat schmeggie....i remember when grandpop had one like that before he retired...ethan looks just like him..what a riot. i loves me some of dat dere baby......kisses from the nana xxxxxxxxx


What a darling photo of Ethan. He really is a cute baby Meghan! Good job!


SSSOOOOOOOOo cute!! 13 lbs! Holy cow girl!