Saturday, May 19, 2007

Could you not just chow down on that leg!
My word I don't think there are that many rolls in a bakery (Of course, under my shirt could rival any bakery!)
Took the Cheekers to see his Great Grandpop today. OR should I say...his identical twin (just 85 yrs older). You can tell my Grandpop is proud of his great grandson. He lives in an assisted living facility & rides a scooter, so we had to "scooter" around & take Cheekers on a parade. Everyone said how adorable he is. Of course, I would expect none the less. BAAHAAHAA! Seriously, it's always nice to hear & I am bias so I think he is the bestest, cutest thing ever.
Now I wanted to post on Thursday night but I was just so shocked I couldn't.
Ugly Betty.
Season final.
I am so sad for Hilda.
And I can't believe Mark has left his assistant job.
Poor Betty.
Finally getting a date with Henry & then that biatch of an ex/gf shows up.
Now I have to wait til next season.
I don't think I can wait.
I love this show.
It rocks.
So if you haven't seen it check it out.
Now onto my WoW factor. I am always amazed that I have anyone read my blog.
Imagine my surprise when I found a quiz on here on Fe's blog!!!!! I was stunned & shocked.
Then I log on today & find a comment from none other than Lee Woodside.
Um, hello!
She's got one of the best blogs ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I couldn't believe she actual read my blog.
Even if it was just once, she read it.
Still trying to find time for myself.
Bobster helped out tons so far this weekend.
Mopped the kitchen floor. Put the drawer together that goes under the babers crib.
Took the trash out.
Hmm......I think his reward will be much to his delight!
Hoping to get a pedicure one night this week.
Getting the taxes done on Monday night.
Yes. I know they were due Apr 15th BUT my accountant said if you don't owe you can file every 3yrs.
I am hoping I get a decent rebate so I can put it towards our vaca in Feb...Disney here we come. Wooohooo.
It's me, Bobster, the boys, the Cheekers, my sister, all the inlaws & I think a few others.
I tried to talk my mom & her Bobster into it but she is politely declining.
I am excited to take the baby. He will be about 16/17 mos old but I know he will be delighted with what he sees.
I am a chatty bugger tonight. Must be all the caffeine in my Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi.
Check it out. It's the bestest diet soda....EVER!


Tara O'Rourke

Yep you could just eat up that little's so cute!!!

Lissa Ballard

Yes, that leg is just too too cute,
yes, the Ugly Betty season finale was awesome. I was crying and crying when Betty had to tell Hilda the news.

Love that your scootered around GGD's home... that's just precious.


Colors of Me

His little leg is sooo precious!! Never have seen Ugly Betty - can't get the remote away from the kids LOL! And can your guy send subliminal messages to my guy to help out around the house! LOL!!!!!!


I have tried to get into Ugly Betty, but cannot.

Love that little turkey leg! lol

Of course we read you. Write and we shall read!


I have pictures of Julia in her great grandpa's scooter when she was a little thing. So cute, and such great memories because Poppy has since passed away. I know you're a good mommy scrapper and got lots of pics.