Tuesday, May 22, 2007


For those that read the comment by anonymous (ahem, my mom) there were no frozen waffles the day I cooked.
I made pancakes from scratch, pork roll & for the first time ever I fried potatos.
I plead the fifth on the mention of a jar of sauce somewhere. I decline to comment on that.

Now onto more fun things.

Someone learned to clap. Today. While out on the porch watching the cars go by.
Bobster has learned to clap.
We were all quite proud. I mean at 35 soon to be 36 it's a very big accomplishment.

Cheekers has learned to clap!
I took a video of it but am "upload" challenge so my sister will have to do it for me.

It was so cute. I had him on my lap. Started to clap my hands. He grabbed my hands.
Started to clap them together.
Then he looked at his hands & did it.
He's a genius!
Everytime he did it, I would go "Yea!!!!!!!!!"
I swear he's the next Einstein.
Of course he will be the Prophet one day(for you LDSer's who read my blog). As if any proud LDS mom doesn't think her son will be the next Prophet.
For those nonLDSer's.........he's obviously destined for being the smartest man ever.

On that note, I leave you!

Woops out~!


Felicia McB

way to go Cheekers! clap baby clap!
he's getting so big. when does he start college? just kidding :)

Nik Just Nik

Meghan I laughed so hard at the Bobster joke. Too funny girl...

WOO HOO for checkers though...


That was cute Meghan...I'm sitting here reading and thinking for a fraction of a second ... that isn't her son's name! Duh! lol

Then I realized that you were making a funny!