Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

My first official mommy's day was really sweet & nice. Bobster surprised me by coming home yesterday & then this morning he got me breakfast & flowers.

Cheekers, after mommy & daddy went to bed, must have gotten the van keys b/c when I woke up this morning, he had left a card for me in his crib. Now is that not the best son ever!

We got up & out early & went & visited Bobby's mom for the holiday. She cooked us breakfast, as she cooks every Sunday she doesn't work. Cheekers had some watermelon (it was a hit!) & some French Toast (an even bigger hit!).

Then we got my mom & sister, & Bobster, myself & the Cheekers took my mom to this Italian restaurant in Oaklyn for lunch. Now, um, it was us, a single guy & some family. That was it. Too say our waitress sucked ass is being kind. She sucked donkey ass. Sorry, had to be said. Then our food came. Um, yea, all of us were extremely disappointed & will not be back. Now Cheekers had some of my Cream of Broccoli soup (like 5 babyspoonfuls). I think that put him over the edge b/c the rest of the afternoon he spit up. He would spit up & go back to playing or jumping or rolling or whatever he was doing. Didn't phase him.

Here is a layout I did last week. I just now got around to scanning & stitching. Cheekers is about 3 weeks old. He is on the wedge thing for babies. Yea, that lasted like a week, as he managed to push the velco off & get the wedge thing over his face.

Psst, stay tuned...I am creating a new "layout" blog for layouts that I find inspirational!!! If you link me your blog you layout might appear in it!!!!

Keep an eye out!



Happy 1st Mothers Day

from the homemaking group


Hasppy First Mother's Day Meghan! Glad that it was a great day for you, beside the Lunch date. Great lo! Love it!

Tara O'Rourke

Happy First Mother's Day my friend! I am amazed at how well the job fits ya. And what a cUTE kit....leaving a card in his crib and all.

LOVE your's so sweet and innocent and precious!

Lissa Ballard

MEghan, that layout is beautiful!

Too funny on the soup, so glad you had a wonderful day!


Colors of Me

Happy first Mommy's day!!! Gorgeous Layout!

Nik Just Nik

Meghan congrats on such a gorgeous mother day. The first ones are always the best. I had a lovely one too...

The layout is too cute as well darl.. Love it...