Thursday, May 24, 2007

Momentous Day

Not only can we clap, we have said...........Da Da.

Sure, say dada, mama is the one that's with you 24hrs, bathes you, feeds you, etc etc but say dada.

I am thrilled that he said it! Really. I got so excited! I clapped & kissed him a million times.

Here's is a short video shot yesterday, May 23, 2007, of Ethan & his new skill!



Lissa Ballard

Yeah Ethan!

I can't get the video to load but I know it's just adorable!


Nik Just Nik

Woo Hoo for Cheekers...


Way to go Ethan!!!
I couldn't get the video to load.
I was wondering if perhaps you were singing and Ethan's "dada" was his way of joining in.Babies love to mimmick, then agan I've heard your siser sing the alphabet song so no tht could not be it. LOL!
Lots of love,


Awww, the talking stage, just another beautiful stage in the development of our beautiful children!

Felicia McB

couldn't get the video to load either, but I'm sure he was awesome in it! way to go Cheekers!