Saturday, May 26, 2007

Why is it...

that when I read blogs about other people thrift store shopping, bargain hunting, yard saling, they find the coolest stuff.

When I got do these things, I find junk.

See, I have decided to slowly change the decor of my house. Still country but throw in some shabby chic. Also I am on the prowl for pretty pink dishes. Don't get me wrong, I love my dishes. I have the entire set minus the matching silverware & glasses BUT I need some feminity in here. With 3 boys & one grown up manchild, my house can become overtaken with "male" things at anytime.

So out I went thrift shopping. I found one Carter's sleeveless orange & white romper for Cheekers. $1.99 at Goodwill. They had a BabyGap sweater in 2T which I am sure he will be wearing in the Winter for only $1.99. I passed tho. I just wasn't bowled over by it. Then at the other Goodwill I found canning jars (glass). I bought one & plan to put something in it. What? Yea, no idea.

Seriously, is it just that I have no eye for thrifty things? No creative bone in my body?
Why can I not find something to transform into something fabulous?

Is anyone out there creative enough to come with me & help me.
Show me the ropes.
Anyone at all?
Abbygirl, where are you when I need a thriftstore buddy?

My sister goes with me. She finds some stuff but sadly, she has the same deficient gene I do...she see's junk.

We need help!

On that note...
~Woops out!



oh Meggers.. I have the same trouble.


have you tried asking your mother to go with you?? hmmmmmmm?? i think not. you inherited that junk gene from your father's side. remember the joke about poppy?? dont let him see it he'll make a lamp out of it?? well lucky me i could make a lamp out of anything too. you just never knew it....try me.
sincerely , mother miller

Lissa Ballard

ROFL, I love to go thrift shopping and generally have great luck Meghan. I think it depends on WHEN you go and discovering the "best days". We don't have a goodwill thrift any more but we have a HUGE DAV(disabled veterans) one and it's always got something fun and funky.

I'm changing my decor too and on the prowl for new dishes and kitchen decor. Not coming up with what I like best yet, but I"m searching!

Best of luck! Keep going -frequently and you'll find what you're looking for!



I'm with you Meghan...I don't have it in me either. I love shopping for schtuff, but, well, I hate going to a thrift store or a yard sale and coming back empty handed.

Felicia McB

I totally don't have the "awesome finds at the thrift store" gene. I never find anything inspiring. so it's not just you! :)