Thursday, May 10, 2007


Where does the time go when there seems to be no time!

First things spacebar is going. My computer chair finally broke a few weeks ago, so now I guess it's the keyboard. Lucky me.

Second...Tara asked me to list 5 reasons I blog, you know, what I use my blog for.

1. To keep my family (if they even read it) updated on Cheeks & show off his new pics.

2. Show off my layouts (which I have a new one but am too lazy to scan & stitch! I suck!)

3. To issue blog challenges & hope my blog takes off like others. BAAHAAHAA. Yea right.

4. To bitch & moan.

5. To get out my frustrations, post about my day, keep me sane.

Stuff like that. So there ya go. Now if you read my blog, I want you to list 5 reasons in your blog (if you have one) & link me to it! If you don't blog, leave me a comment as to why you read my blog. Puh-leeze! Don't make me beg...Not pretty people!

Now may I present photos of the children

Our first picnic as a family...the red head is our nephew, Danny.

We bought Christopher a pogo stick for Christmas.
Go Christopher!

May I present the Cheekers & the Nana:

Finally, Cheeks has had enough of the Babyrazzi!


Awesome Abby

too stinking cute! the picnic looks like fun!


Meghan he is soo adorable! And you are not fat!!

Tara O'Rourke

Absolutely cute pix-love cheekers having enough photo time-LOL


Aww.... too cute! Looks like you all had a fun time. Here is the reasons I blog...

Aunt Patty

Hey Meghan, I don't blog but I do check out yours everyday! This way I can read up on how all of you are doing. I can't beleive how big Ethan is getting, the older he gets the more he really looks like a Woeppel,I think he really looks like your dad when he was that age!
Anyway keep up the blogging, hope to see you guys soon,

Love ya's,
Aunt Patty


good lawwwwwwd meghan why did you post that pic of me with ethan?? you could've cut me out and just left him in. who wants to see an old lady when they can feast their eyes on a beautiful baby. and aunt patty's right..ethan looks just like you and i read your blog cause it's the only news i get of you. you dont write you dont call and i havent seen any money of late's a sad state of affairs i tell ya....the nana


1. Cheeks is adorable and I can't believe that red hair. He's looking so much like you!

2. Your mom's sense of humor cracks me up like yours.

3. Happy early 1st Mother's Day sweetie.


Meghan, I think more ppl than you know read your blog. We all await your updates. You need to keep us up on things more.