Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jan 23rd, right?

Those boys are good looking eh?
I need to find a pic of all 3 of the kids together.
This was taken New Years can see Cheeks shiner coming out.
Thankfully it's all gone.

Anywho, I write today b/c as I was driving to work, I passed 3 homes.
All next to each other.
Now this is where my title of my post comes in.
It is the 23rd of January, yes?
Then why, where the houses, all next to each other decorated in the following fashion.
Home #1: Valentines Day....appropriate for this time of year.
Home #2: Christmas....perhaps a bit lazy on taking down the decor, you are forgiven.
Home #3: come on people, just how f*ckin lazy are you? Get off that tush & remove the pumpkin planter & Happy Halloween flag. It's not even like they can say the weather hasn't been nice enough. There were plenty of days it was nice out.
Really, people, if you neighbor has Valentine's Day decor out, that should be your first clue!!!!

That is my rant.
Too tired to pretty much write anything else.

Must go.
Bed is calling!

Woops out!



Meghan...dont start me on the decorations out before there time or WAY AFTER IT!!

There are Easter Eggs in the supermarket. WTF is that!!! It is January... NOT MARCH!!!


I was just thinking that today myself. I mean, come on, Christmas decorations out are bad enough ... but Halloween.

THAT is the epitome of laziness!


Kim - ScrapToMyLu

maybe they're just early? :)


How funny! Even *I* have my Christmas decorations down, and I'm the world's worst at leaving them up!

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You know they could be getting ready early so that they will not be late putting it back! rofl. NAH! I don't buy that either.

Cute boys!