Monday, September 22, 2008


So I had some bday $$$ last month & saw some good deals at my local Joann's for these cool sayings that are just vinyl clings (I'm sorry Torreh...the deal was too good too pass up!).
I found one that is my philosophy on family.

Tres chic, no?
See the handy dandy black plates next to it?
Picked those puppies up at Goodwill, spray painted them black, bought some dollar store plate hangers & viola.
I am going to put something under the saying tho.
To balance it out.
My mom suggested a shelft.
At first I was like nah
I remembered got a black shelf from Target in July for a STEAL...normally $25, on clearance for $4! Hello...can you say SPAVE???

Perhaps I will put a bigger, oval shape plate underneath.
If I use the shelf tho I could prop some pics of the kids on it.
Then again that darn wall is cement & virtually impossible to put nails in.
Really, don't bang the wall because those plates could fall & hit you in the head.
Be careful there Bobster!

I had some black gingham bows that I tied glued to the end of the plate rack but they unglued themselves. I so need to break out the hot glue gun vs. glue dots.

BTW, they aren't really uneven, my living room is crooked.

So Tanya @ The Thrifty Mommy bestowed this award on me!!!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

I feel honored & can't believe she thinks my blog is worthy b/c her blog rocks! So, to me, it means a lot.

Now I get to bestow the honor on some deserving blogs.
First up:
Renee @
My Cooking Adventures because it's a brand new blog & it rocks!
Jenn @
Life is What You Make of It because, well, she's Jenn!
my final nominee:
Look It's Meg Ryans Mom because she always has fun blog posts!

So ladies, please accept this award & go onto bestow it to other blogs you find brillant.

Also, do any of my 5 readers have words around the house?
I would love to see them.
Leave me a link in the comments & I will come check it out!

Woops out!


Miss Mommy

Hey Megs....

I am lovin' the words and plates too!! Looking good girl!! I do not have any words other than Little Miss's name in her room..if that counts?? LOL But I think you may have inspired me to add some...Now where will I put them????



Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the vinyl lettering on the wall. It looks great with your painted plate.

Ruby Red Slippers

Hi! I have that saying too! I just don't know where to put that one yet... too funny! (I actually have it on a plaque in my foyer, then later bought the vinyl letters, and couldn't remember WHERE I heard it will do that to ya!)
Thanks for visiting my blog!!


I love those sayings. I sooo want one in my home.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee!

The words are so cute! I will have to check my Joanns to see what they have around! :)


So glad I stopped by. I had been looking at things like that from but I bet I can find them cheaper.

Thanks, these pics are lovely

Dreaming of Mermaids

excellent. I love those wall words. Have to work on convincing my man that they would be tres chic in our home as well.... ooh, and hey, thanks for stopping by my blog ;-)


Love your words on your wall and your plates too. No I don't have words on my wall.

Sandy Toes

I love that phrase! So great! I love the plates, too!
I think I will check out these vinyl phrases...they look fun!
-Sandy toes

my thrifty victorian home

Love the vinyl lettering. I want to order a biblical saying for my dining room!


I have 4 pictures staggered on my wall behind our couch..2 per kid. I've been trying to come up w/a family or inspirational phrase to put up there.

Hard to do that when they are teens & you spend your day trying not to throw darts at those pictures :/


Ack! My eyes are bleeding. Serves me right for not visiting your blog for so long. Now that your a decorator deluxe, throw a sister a bone and send your peeps over to my site for all their vinyl needs.