Sunday, September 28, 2008

Open my front door & this is what I saw!

It was the Haddon Twp. Block Party.

Every year it's on my street, so all I have to do is open up my front door & walk 50 feet & I'm there.

Cheeks couldn't believe it!

He thought it was just for him.

He kept looking out his bedroom window, yelling Ronnie! Ronnie! (He calls all clowns Ronnie, for Ronald McDonald....I think I may hit up Micky D's a bit too much.)

Anyway, they managed to resurrect Elvis:

He was actually really good & such a cheese ball.

I wonder where he got his belt. Do you think it would accent my hips too much?

Of course we know have a Jr. Fireman in the house:

Cheeks got to jump in all the inflatables (tired his tushie out!) & he got to go on the whip.

At first I don't think he was too found of it


He got into it really fast:

And the best part of the day, besides all the fun, a nice older couple stopped us & asked if we had bought a wrist band for Cheeks yet, so he could ride all day long.

We said no & the lady said "Well my grandson couldn't make it, I already bought one, so I would like to give it to you"

How thankful were we!!!!!! Saved us $10!

What a RAK thing to do. Thank you nice couple.

So um, what did you do this weekend?

Woops out!



Looks like it was a heap of fun!!! Love your little Jr Fireman!!

Miss Mommy

WOW!! My kiddies would of had a blast there....LOL LOL

Awesome Spaving with the "Free" wrist band Meg!! You make me proud!!


Looks like he had great time! He really makes a cute fireman. That was nice of the couple to give it to Cheekers. I have done that with tickets. Have some left over and have to leave. Just gave them away. lol

Lisa & Gerald

WOW thats so cool!

Pam Hawk

Oooh how neat it's right in your neighborhood! Looks like a lot of fun - I love the pictures of the kiddo riding the whip. He looks like he's having a blast.

Hey, please stop by my blog when you have a sec - you won the Halloween giveaway! Whoo hoo!

-Pam Hawk
Pass It On Plates

Julie@cool mom guide

Wow. I'm so jealous! We have a great neighborhood but have yet to see something of that magnitude!

laurie b

What a fun blog you have!!! Pam form PIOP just sent me here to congratulate you on your win!!!! SO glad she's pointed me to your blog! Can't wait to dig in and read all you have to offer. with gratitude, Laurie B.


looks like he had a lot of fun. so cute!


I think Elvis looks more like Wayne Newton. Not that I would have known that until he was on Dancing w/the Stars~

Princess Momma

It looks like you had a ton of fun, and look how grown-up Cheeks is looking! I can't believe it!