Monday, September 01, 2008

Welcome to the Meghan's Masterpiece Baking Theater.

Let's get to know our studio audience before we delve into today's recipe.
Here we have audience member Cheekers.
He was enjoying a light lunch since he took an early napper.

Here is Bobster. Enthralled with today's show. We don't wake Sleeping Beauty, as he needs all the beauty sleep he can get! Today's recipe: Banana Cream Pie.

You start with 6 egg yolks.

You also need 3 tbs. unsalted butter cut into bits.
Gratutious shot of my new measuring spoons. Cute, no?
Now while you have 2 cups of milk coming to a boil, you whisk the egg yolks, 1/2c brown sugar (you are supposed to use light, but I only had dark so dark it was), a pinch of salt, 1/2 tsp cinnamon & 1/8 tsp nutmeg. Whisk it together. Then add about a 1/4c. of milk once it boiled. This will help the eggs to not curdle. After that add the remaining milk in in one continuous stream. Keep whisking while you have it over a medium flame, bringing to a boil. Once it's at a boil, whisk for about 2 mins.Remove from heat, whisk in 1tsp pure vanilla extract.
Sit for about 5 minutes. Then whisk in the butter bits.

Next to help it cool, you will place in a bigger bowl full of ice water for 20 mins.
R u following?
Yes, yes, that's it.
Slice 3 bananas...ripe & firm, not over rip & soggy. Slice diagonal.
Time to assemble.
Whisk the custard to loosen it, then spread a fine layer in the bottom of the crust, top with 1/2 the bananas. Then layer the rest of the custard, cover with the remaining bananas.
Topping time.
1 cold, cold. cold cup of heavy cream.
Some sifted 2tbs confectioners sugar.
1tsp vanilla.
Let them whip to heavy stiff peaks.
Then fold in 2 tbs sour cream.
People, your thighs will expand with this topping.

Oh look! Audience member Bobster has decided to wake up & put the topping on the pie. You know sort of like driving 500 miles, then he wakes up as you are about to pull into the driveway & asks if he can drive now to give you a break.

Thanks Audience member Bobster!!!

Finally, the finished product.

Masterpiece, yes?

Oh this bad boy is tasty too!!!

And since this show is all about audience participation, audience member Cheekers has graciously offered to do the dishes.

You go baby! You go!

Woops out!



You are a gifted writer my friend! I always get a chuckle when I read your postings!



Ooo that looks good :) Thanks for sharing the receipe!


You are too funny. I look forward to your entertaining post. lol


OMG!! Your banana cream pie does look delish!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come back anytime.

Lisa & Gerald

Looks so Yummmy!


That looks sooooo good!! I am glad you had so much help with it!! lol

Buzzings of a Queen Bee!

Yummy!! It looks fantastic! Can I come over? (Is there any left?) :)


I'm glad you liked it- it looks delicious! (I know my husband had it for his birthday and the next three meals!)

preppy little dress

wow, i love banana cream pie! yummy! love the photo of your hubby sleeping - cute photo of your son!