Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thank you Dollar Tree

During August I was at Dollar Tree.
I spied these adorable pumpkins, got to the check out line & said "Nah, I will get them later in the season."
I could have kicked myself b/c as most of you in blogland know, these little pumpkins became decorating gold!!!
So I looked & looked & all my dollar stores were out of the creme color ones. I picked up an orange one
I had to have the creme colored one.
So Thursday I left work early & happened upon another Dollar Tree that I had never been in.
I sauntered in, I scoured, I couldn't find it.
Like a glimmer in the sun.
I saw it.
I heard it.
Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegggggggggggggggggggghan, it called.
Behind some hideous skulls.
One lone creme pumpkin stood.
I snatched that puppy up so fast I think I saw sparks.
Of course, I inspected for any damage & it was pristine!
Then I found the cool $1 candle stick.
Instant Autumn Decor.
Ah. I feel so much better now.

So after 4 weeks I finally got the food store today.
Didn't do too bad.
I even had a lady follow me outside & ask me how I got so many free coupons.
I told her about BzzAgent & She Speaks (if any of you go there please use me as a referral ~ mkw70)
I was so happy.
I felt like a good mommy blogger.
I asked if she blogged & she said she couldn't figure it out.
Tee hee.
Poor woman.
Anyway, I felt like I did a good service today!

Then I cooked again.
Oh Jackie, it's becoming a habit.
You are going to have to come out here & get me back into my "Let's eat out" stage.
Anywho, made Hawaiian Chicken.
2/3 c soy sauce
1 clove crushed garlic
2 tbs sugar
1/4 tsp ginger
1/2 white wine or water (I did water).
Combine ingredients & marinate the chicken.
Then bake chicken for 90 mins.
It was too shabby.
All the kids & Bobster said it was good.
I was impressed with myself! LOL
I also made the OreIda steamed mashed potatoes.
Garlic flavor.
Um, not a hit.
I only made them b/c I had a free coupon from She Speaks.
Probably wouldn't buy them b/c they are $3.50 on sale & didn't feed the 5 of us.
Plus everyone said "too garlicy"
Cest le vie.

That it for me.
Woops out!


preppy little dress

i know, when you see it buy it! b/c it won't be there when you go back! so true...great post!


Oh I love your little decor item.

Your profile description made me laugh so hard.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my contest.

Ms. Tee

Those pumpkins have become all the rage, haven't they? What a funny story. :) I may have to go looking for a candlestick holder or two - that was a good find, too!

Miss Mommy


Where did you find the Steam & Mash Potatoes? I too have a Free coupon for them but could not find them yesterday in ShopRite?? What section were the ones you bought in?
Thanks so much!

BTW....I am loving the fall decor!!


Love your pumpkin and your candle stick! Looks great with the boys picture, which i might add is a great picture of them.