Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Finally decorated for Fall!

This isn't everything & this year I scaled way back b/c I have, as the Grandpop refers to him, "The Wrecking Crew". Only 35.5lbs but man he can destroy in one single swoops.

Not let's take a look at what decor is out shall we.
First we find my cute, cute Ghost that I got back in the day @ Kohls (love Kohls!), accompanied by my flameless candle that The Grandpop got at QVC for me & my new WHITE pumpkin that I got for $2 bucks at The Christmas Tree Shoppe.

Next up would be my dining room window.
Some leaves, some berries...Poof! Done!

And lets take a gander at what I've done to the living room window.
Just leaves on this one...we are having issues with the curtain rod staying in the wall...nothing like 50 some odd year old dry wall to attempt to hold up the rod.
Next we have my little shelf dohickey or my holiday shelf...I try to change it out with every decorating season. Check out my votive candle holder...another Kohls find from back in the day & of course, my gorgeous white Pumpkin that I got at Target like 6 yrs ago.
These are the pegs that are at the bottom of the shelf. See the "Boo" banner that I won & those cute haunted houses. Tres Scarey, yes?
That's really it for now.

I posted my Dollar Store pumpkin a few posts back & I have my doors done & the kitchen but just thought I would share these for now.

Are you decorated yet?

Leave me a comment with a link to come see your decor!!!

Woops out!


preppy little dress

love what you have done with everything, esp. the "boo" banner you won on a blog! everything looks great!!


Very nice. "we" don't decorate on The Avenue anymore :( Thanks to our very own one man wrecking crew.


Love your decoration. We normally don't do too much docorating. But we do some. Now we can do outdoor things since we moved. I have not got my stuff out yet. I really need to do that.

Bella Casa

I love that boo banner, that is the 2nd win I have seen from her, she is very talented...I went on her blog and didn't see an etsy shop link or anything, do you know if she sells her things?

Everything looks great and ready for Fall!!!

Bella :)

Pam Hawk

Oh I'm so jealous.
While I don't have my very own Wrecking Crew any more (she and the mister are the Tornado Twins, but that's a different problem) I'm in the middle of moving. Besides, in the past few years when I asked for "nice" Halloween decor, I got motion sensitive screaming ghouls and green light up pumpkins with sinister faces.
Not really the kind of stuff I want in my dining room.
(Love your white pumpkin from Target!)


Cute stuff!! I love the t-shirt....I need one of those. Thanks for stopping by my blog.