Friday, September 19, 2008

A little Friday tag

Mom in High Heels tagged me!

So, here are 7 completely obscure things about me, I know you have all been waiting with baited breath!
1. See those lucious full (yet remarkably pale lips) up there, well when I was little, like 6 I think??? I was running & tripped & hit the wood handled of my dad's gold material rocker, splitting my upper lip like a mo~fo. To make matters worse, weeks later I was riding my Big Wheel when Marc Eisenman was on the back & fell forward causing me to resplit it. Rat Bastard! Anyway b/c of that I have a bump on my lip. Sure, sure, 30 yrs later it's almost disappeared but as a kid it caused my neighbor, Fritzie, to call me "Plunger Lips." I was pretty devasted by that name & have seeked therapy for it. Little did I know my mom thoroughly enjoyed that nickname & tried not laugh at me through my grief strickened tears.

2. My little sister & I are exactly 13 yrs & 6 days apart.

3. I have a birthmark on my pinky toe. Looks like I stepped in poo. Which is what my mom thought & she almost rubbed my pinky toe off when I was an infant. She just laughed & laughed about when she figured it out. (I am noticing a pattern her about how The Nana laughs at me & my "issues")

4. I have a secret (guess it's not now) crush on Chad Kroger from Nickelback. Sure, sure my sister says he looks like Jesus but I just think he is HOT!!!!!!!!! He also reminds me of an old coworker of mine from back in the day...Adam from Thriftway. Must be honest, I always thought Adam was really cute. Ok, for all of you who read my blog & know throwing tomatoes at me!

5. I still have my tonsils.

6. I "heart" Mrs. Beasley & had this doll as a kid.
Loved her!

7. I didn't drive til I was 21.

So those are my 7 random facts, not 10 like the post says, only 7.
Now I must tag 7 other people....ready:
Preppy Little Dress 2. Carol
3. Erin
4. Lisa
5. Torreh
6. Jacquie
7. Tanya

So ok bloggers, go, do your tag, let me know & tag 7 more people.

Woops out!