Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Makes Me Happy Wednesday

Pumpkins. Fall is on the way. Took this pic last year at the pumpkin patch. So fun!
The heat & humidity finally broke (I think for good, at least I hope) & there is a slight coolness to the air.
Yay baby!
Autumn is so my favorite season!!

These two little "divas" are spending the night, along with big brother, Danny.
That means I got to do crafts & then I braided both their hair (which is much longer now...these pics are old). I told them that when they woke up tomorrow & took out their braids their hair would be curly. Well call me Fredric Fekkai b/c I am now their favorite beautician! LOL
BTW, they are twins. Hard to tell them apart eh?

I am also loving Craigslist.
I made $30 bucks today from it.
Sold one playpen & one gently used pair of Toddler Black High Top Converse.
What I liked about selling the converse was I got exactly what I paid for them, so in that regard I broke even.
Not so much on the playpen but eh, what can you do.

Americas Next Top Model is back.
Watched the end tonight.
I do not know about this Isis chic.
I think she will make it far but I think only because she is transgender.
She takes pretty photos but model material, not too sure.
Not favs for me yet but check back with me in a few weeks.
Of course, Miss J Alexander is back in full effect this season & I love it.
He is my favorite!!!!!!!!!

On that note..........
Woops out!



Oh I just can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch again!!


Love going to the pumpkin patch! Cute little girls!


I too am excited for the annual trip to the pumpkin patch! Have you tried roasting the seeds? Delicious!