Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Day From Hell + Pneumonia = Good Times

Here's a detailed version of my DAY FROM HELL (yesterday)

  • Start day @ 3:30am because of insomnia.
  • Bobster's ride is late, so we wait for Cheeks to wake up then we take him to Camden (the 2nd highest murder rate city in Jersey). Leave house at 7:20 to take him.
  • Get lost in Camden by myself with Cheeks
  • Drop Cheeks off @ daycare
  • Proceed to Sears at the Moorestown Mall (for all you locals) to get flat changed that Bobster got while out on Sunday.
  • Tire is $121.00 dollars.....leave Sears b/c I am not paying that much
  • Arrive @ Just For Tires at the Cherry Hill Mall (again for all you locals). They can replace the tire & my windshield wiper blades. Cool!
  • Notice I am missing my hubcap ~ Sears never put it back in the van. Back to Sears to pick up hub cap.
  • Lunch with Dad...while waiting for Dad, talk to Bobster. He asks to the blades work. I try them...they are the wrong size & catch each other when on the way down the window. Call Just For Tires, they said come back, they will fix them only take a minute.
  • After lunch head to Just For Tires, 45 minutes later, 2 different manufacturers of blades later they tell me they can't fix them, refund my money & say "Good luck!"
  • Head home. Arrive home at 1:40pm from 7:20am this morning.
  • Walk in house, try to put shade up, shade falls out window. Fix window
  • Take recycling out. Wrestle with box out the door, come in contact with old bitty neighbor at recycling bin who gives me a lecture on what is recyclable & what isn't (Apparently, pizza boxes shouldn't go inside the "Mixed Paper" bin, so neighbor starts sorting my recyclables while I am trying to put them in the bins...all the while telling me right & wrong)
  • Back in the house, call Bobster to get directions to go get him from job, call waiting is going off but I ignore b/c at this point I am ready to cry & my phone is dying.
  • Get msg from voice mail. Daycare. Cheeks sick, 102.8 fever.
  • Bobster instantly callsl back, come get me, can't, on way to pick Cheeks up & head to Doctor.
  • Arrive at Doctor. She listens, while someone screams as if she is gutting him. Doctor (Cherry Hill Peds for all you locals) orders a chest xray b/c she hears a little something something.
  • Head to South Jersey Radiology. Take us back right away then the tech & I have to coerce Cheeks into letting us take the Xray. We have to do an encore of the full on chest xray b/c someone stood crooked the 1st time.
  • Waiting room. I hear the receptionist call my name, Cherry Hill Peds in on the phone. Answer....Cheeks has pneumonia.
  • Head home. Arrive approx. 3:30. Bobster arrives shortly there after.
  • 4:00 I get to Rite Aid to pick up the script. Girl totals everything & tells me "$90". I'm sorry, say again? No sweetheart I have a copay. Notice she also charged me for 2 prescriptions that weren't mine.
  • 45 minutes later, they get the copay straightened out. I didn't have a script for the penicillen in the computer so they didn't know. What? How do you not know I have a copay???
  • Arrive home to a sick little boy. Send Bobster out for Chinese & try coerce small child to eat. That's a no no. Falls to sleep on me. Wakes up. Give medicine & must be feeling better because he is acting like a maniac.
  • Approx. 8:30 he crashes. Put him in my bed. Falls asleep & wakes up this morning at 7:45am.

So, that readers, was my yesterday.

Cheeks, thankfully, appears better today but is a little whiney. Guess so he has pneumonia. Thankfully I am home this week & can be with him. He won't really eat so lots of Pedalyte & pretty much whatever he will eat he can have. So far today, only one small thing of apple sauce. Perhaps a little Micky D's will get him to manja at lunch.

Um, how was your weekend & day yesterday?

Woops out!



I'm so sorry about Cheeks. You don't really want to know about my yesterday. Today did dawn brighter though.


Aww so sorry to hear about your bad day and your sick little guy. Hope he's feeling better soon. Oh, and glad you made it outta Camden!


Aww poor Cheekers. He'll eat when he's hungry, just push the fluids and coddle him. That always makes them fell better. Hope your day today is better.

Come play reindeer games with me.


Oh my, Meghan, what a day!!!! I'm absolutely exhausted just from reading it! Hope Cheeks feels better real soon.


Oh man Meghan! That sounds like a day from Hell. Sorry to hear that Cheeks is sick. Hope that he feels better soon. You could try to get him to eat popicles. That might help feel better. I dunno. I could not ever Boomer to eat them. Too cold and hate the feel of them in mouth


OMG.... {{{bighugs!}}}


read all comments above again ... ditto from me and remember i've been there....WITH YOU AND YOUR SISTERRRRRRRRRRRRR... gotta love the shades here in the hills...


Ugh Meghan sorry to hear Cheeks is/was sick. My Ethan had pneumonia in January, and it sucked. Hopefully you were able to rest some today.


Oy - rough day!!!