Thursday, December 04, 2008

When we go White Trash, we go all the way!

Another brotherly moment.
Give children a box & keep them busy for at least 3 minutes til the 10 year old wears himself out.
The 2 yr old, well he has more energy than the Sun! If you stop while doing something fun to say, scratch your nose, he will say More! More! More! until you go back to what you were doing.
If you notice, my youngest is wearing just a flannel shirt & a diaper. Nothing else. He also is completely filthy (from what I have no idea but dirt seems to stick to him like a magnet). Look closely & you will see the big ole bruise on his leg. All that's missing is a runny nose.
My middle one got a hair cut the day before this was taken. It's ok. I liked it better long but he wanted it short. He agreed to go midway b/c even tho. he wants it short, peer pressure at school says keep it long. At least know he & Cheeks have the same haircut! Tee hee.
I've been up again since 4am. This insomnia crap is for the birds. I even switched my meds to the morning but to no avail, once I wake up I am up. Grrr...of course, I could go back to sleep now & that is because Cheeks is due to get up in approximately 15 minutes. I will try to nap later.
I have a new goal...complete all Xmas shopping in the next week. I start my new job Dec 15th so I am hoping to be done & wrapped by the 14th. We shall see.
Do you have any goals for the Xmas season?
Tell me!
Woops out!
*edited to add, I just got gipped on my pay from my last job....we were supposed to get our normal pay but mine is significantly less. I am not happy! Off to investigate*



GOALS? sighhhhh


Thankyou Megan for the wonderful comment you left on my blog...that was so nice of you to take time to write me such an uplifting comment. It is nice when someone takes time to leave a comment. Well off to investigate your blog. Have a great day!

The family

Your "white trash" makes me feel completely normal. Thank you.


i'm not crazy about christopher's hair cut.. no wonder he didnt like it... it'll grow out though that's the good thing about hair. for me to fix it at th is length i'd have to cut it way shorter and he wouldnt like that....

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

Congrats on the new job. Funny how the littles are always such dirt magnets. Dalton seems to attract it like crazy too. No wonder my water bill is out of control!

Here's to boxes being the best, least expensive entertainment around! Too bad they can't get excited about different sized boxes under the tree for the holiday!