Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's a Giveaway for you local gals!

Do you have one of these?
You know, a dog, a dog who you think is the cat's meow? Baahaahaa (I crack myself up!)

Anyway, Jane from Shot By Jane is having a giveaway.

What do you get?
The winner will have portraits of the special dog by itself and with it's owner captured in a free session with photographer, Jane Bingham. 10 fully edited digital files will be provided to the winner with print release.Professional prints and products may be purchased at a discounted rate through Jane Bingham if the winner so desires but it is not neccessary nor required.

What is she looking for to win this great prize?

I am looking for a special dog. What makes that dog special can be many things. I am specifically looking for a very special story. Has this dog been mistreated and is now in a good home? Does this dog have a very special connection with it's owner? Does this dog not have much more time on the earth and you want to have special portraits made to celebrate it's life? It could be many different things that make a dog special.

Go to her website: Shot By Jane for all the details.
Jane is a fantabulous photographer.
She did Cheeks newborn pics.
Here are a few as a reminder, so you can see her work:

Don't forget...go enter!!!!

Woops out!


Lissa Ballard

Hey Meghan! Can you believe how much Cheeks has grown since these darling photos were taken!

I keep you all in my prayers and hope all is going well for everyone! Hope you have the merriest of Christmases.