Friday, December 05, 2008

PSA for December

The time has come for our December Public Service Announcement.
This PSA goes out to the manufacturers of plus size clothing.
I am a plus size. I know everyone in blogland who has never really "seen" me pictures me shaped like Cindy Crawford or Elle McPherson.
I don't want to blow your minds
'tis not true.
No, no, I have double digits in my size.

Anywho, this PSA is to let these manufacturers know that just because some women are plus size doesn't automatically mean we all want to show off the goodies. You know, the girls, the kasabas, the tatas.

Nor do we all want every single sweater to have bling on it or be an animal print.
Really, I am on the fuller size, I do not need to wear anything made in a leopard print for fear of being mistakened for one & getting shot. Bad enough I live close to the 2nd highest murder capital in the country.

Also, tight fitting clothes.
Um, hello, I have rolls.
And I am not talking Pillsbury.
Being that I have rolls, big girls & don't like to stand out, I do not want a low cut, blinged out tight fitting shirt to wear to work, out or lounge about at home.
Have you ever seen two pigs fighting under a blanket?
Well take a look at my ass in too tight pants.
There you have it.

Which brings me to the pants issue.
Lane Bryant has these fabu pants that are made for your body structure.
I get the ones that say I am full in the hips...again I know I am blowing your image of me but just work with me here.
Sadly, while I adore these pants, Bob and I could both fit into the amount room in the leg.
I look like I am wearing clown pants.

So picture this:
A woman.
Fuller figured.
Wearing a brightly colored, blinged out, show off the girlers, so tight you couldn't fit a penny between the sweater & skin sweater.
Underneath, pants that fit great around the stomach but create a tornado when I walk from the excessive material in the legs.
Throw on a pair of heels (because Lord knows that the selection in flats is slim & there is nothing like a 6ft tall fat girl who wants to appear even bigger so she gets some heels!)
Now, what do you have?
That's right.
A brand new float for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

So in closing, manufacturers, take into consideration the small percentage of us who want a little modesty, some less tacky clothing & pants that fit all the parts of our lower body. As for shoe manufacturers, come on...there are a lot of tall women who enjoy being tall but don't want to be any taller...kwim?

And that is your PSA for December.

Woops out!



AMEN!! And if I may add just a little something for the SHORT, fat girls. Just because we are fat does NOT mean we have extra long legs or even worse arms that are long enough for our knuckles to drag behind us. It seems that for every size UP the clothing manufacturers think we grow 4-5 inches. That's just not the case. Trust me.

Lissa Ballard

OMG can I get an AMEN and a WOOP WOOP and a Hallelujah from the choir. Isn't it ridiculous??? I despise the fact that Dress Barn Woman, Lane Bryant and all the others who have plus size lines either assume that larger girls are in the 60+ age category or love to show off all the "goodies". The pants are either too tight or too baggy. I'm so tired of buying to fit bum and having to find some way to alter the waist and thigh. It's shameful.

No no no, lipo, while tempting, is not an option, unless of course someone else would like to foot that bill. It's been entertained but the cost is prohibitive for us normal gals.

And the girls... well, they are over 40, they don't mind being seen but there's a difference between being seen and being "seen" - like all the way down to the center of who they are seen. I do NOT like glitter and bling on my clothing either Meghan.

I've recently lost 36 pounds and now it's worse than ever. I'm between sizes and lost.

Thank you for posting - wonder how we can get the powers that be to read the blog and comments that will no doubt flood you today!

Gentleman and Ladies - PAY ATTENTION!


Totally know what you mean. Exactly why I HATE clothes shopping anymore. It always ends in frustration or complete laughter at how ridiculous I look. My last trip to Fashion Bug ended with me swaring off food forever, lol.


Yep, I totally understand. Just because I wear an XXL *does not* mean that I have XXL arms...I found a jacket that fit perfectly (chest, everywhere else) and had to take it in to have the sleeves shortened because I look like I'm a 6 year old wearing mom's jacket.... :)

If I could get away with wearing maternity jeans, I would...they account for the fact that your middle is bigger than anywhere else, and your legs stay relatively the same. But then wearing those kinds of pants would bring up more questions than I want to answer. :)


At least you're not short. Petite clothes are made for the 60+ crowd who love elastic waists.


LOL Yes I want to say Amen! I really hate shopping for clothes and have this problem too. Although I am only 5'1" I have problems finding jeans that fits my heighth. They are either too short or too long. How about all the flare legged jeans. I don't mind flare a little bit. but when they start to make you even wider. Oh no!LOL

Thanks for Laugh Meghan and the Amens!

Miss Mommy

Thanks for the great laugh!! I just love your PSA posts!! I almost cannot wait until January for the next one!! LOL LOL


Yes now see this is toooo damn funny and I can soo relate as i am sure so many of us can ! You hit it dead on the head ! i am thinking Hooda and Kathy Lee need to have a email of your blog sent to them ! Hell Even Oprah is 2oo lbs people come on ! If Oprah cant get us big girls some nice fittin cute clothes who can !

Pam Hawk

AMEN and Hear Hear! You are so totally right. And can I add that retailers who mix in their plus size clothes with the "regular" sizes are fools. The store where I regularly shop recently did this and I asked the manager, "How do I find my sizes now?" She (skinny, of course) said, "The plus sizes are on the racks with the other sizes." So I wanted to know, "Do all the designs come in Plus?"

"No. Only some of them. You'll just have to look for them."

I stopped shopping there. I don't have time looking through every rack for the one shirt in my size that I may or may not like (bling/clown pants).

Megan, I hope people who influence this read your post and everyone's comments. You rock.