Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa is coming, did you know that???

Cheeks does.
Santa is a great behavior tool.
I will be sad to see it go to the wayside for about 11 more months.

My new schedule is kicking mine & Cheeks tushie.
Poor kid has to get up a bit earlier now & Mondays are the worse.
After a lazy weekend, he has a full day at school & usually passes out early.
Such is life.
I feel bad but I would feel worse if we were on the streets.

So, Christmas is Thursday.
Are you done?
My last gift arrive via USPS today.
I still need to get stocking stuffers but if I do, great, if I don't, catch ya next year!

What's even more pathetic is I just mailed my cards today.
I have had them made out for at least 2 weeks yet they just left today.
I haven't received too many cards this year.
I think more people are scaling back.
It's a shame too because I love Christmas cards. It's one of my fav things about the season.

My hair dryer died today.
Services will be later in the week.
How did I find out that it went to the great hair tool graveyard in the sky?
When I was standing with soaking wet hair trying to get it to turn on.
So I went to work with flat, wavy hair & bangs so flat & frizzy that I could be in those commercials for the Frizz Ease stuff.
I was looking mighty fine let me tell you.
I went & got a hair blower at lunch so thankfully my hair shall return to it's normal state tomorrow.
I know all 2 of my readers were concerned.

So tell me, did you mail out cards this year??

Woops out!



I swear that llittle one gets cuter all the time! I think you are right about the cards. Postage adds up so dang fast. I know it kept me from joining too many card swaps. I did indeed get my cards out a couple weeks ago :D

Kristie W.

RIP to your old dryer, I hope the new ones serves you just as well. I mailed out a bunch of cards but still didn't make enough. Some will be getting New Year's cards at the rate I'm moving. Very cute pic of Cheeks!


Um, I was planning on getting mine out on Tuesday. You're still ahead of me. :)


i sent mine out at the beginning of last week and i have received a lot of cards this year. most of my cards are photo cards which are the easy way out...which is why i live and die by those!
my regards on the loss of the hairdryer...i'm waiting for mine to join yours any day now.
happy holidays meghan!

Bridgett Owens

I mailed a few photo cards but the others are waiting to be mailed. How did it get to be Dec 24 so fast? I'm still making candy to fill tins. ugh! I'm totally unprepared!!!


Have a wonderful Christmas.


Sorry to hear that your dryer went to the hair dryer heaven with the other ones. lol

I mailed my cards out on Wednesday. I know nothing like going out one day before Christmas. But I have had so much on my mind the last month, that I just lost track of time. Cheeks is way too cute!


Cheeks is so big!!!! He is simply adorable!


guess mine was lost in the mail....