Wednesday, December 17, 2008

O Tannebaum! O Tannebaum!

We have had our tree for at least a week & a half but I am just now getting around to posting a few pics I took.
Cheeks helped me decorated it.

Ever try decorating a tree with a 2 yr old?
Good times.
We were lucky & only had one casualty.
Pittsburgh Steelers ornament was shattered.
Sad but true.
Search is on for a new one.

P.S. Pay no attention to the tangled wires behind the small child. It's safe, really!

Bobster helped Cheekers put the star on.
I love this star.

Bobster is an angel person but I just can't get into the Angel.
I know it's tradition but so is a Star.
So it's a compromise.
He gets the multi colored lights, I get the star.
Altho. he asked if the lights blinked.
I told him that feature was broken.
Tee hee.

So do you have your tree yet?
Do you wait til Christmas Eve to get it & decorate it?
Tell me!!!
Link me to a pic of your decor.

Woops out!



TEEHEEHEE, perfect segue for me, thank you very much! My tree is #2 here

Please vote, I'm fiercely competitive. Thanks!


We have 9 trees up! You can see pics of some of them on my blog. I love the different trees.


We don't have a tree up yet. We actually have to buy one. Normally we put it up on Black Friday. But not this year. lol


We're a white light family too so I feel ya. And no star OR angel here. Last year we finally got rid of the light up star I hated (after at least 15 years) and got a cute Santa tree topper. Love him!