Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Coming, R U Ready???

That's right!
It's almost here.
Whose not ready???
I am pretty sure all the kids are done, just some g/c's to get
I still have to get Bobster some things.
I would have went last week but Cheeks was sick & you actually need funds to go buy stuff.
Sadly, the funds had a lot of fun & went belly up.
Thank goodness payday is this week.
Started my new old job yesterday.
It was nice to go back.
Lots of hugs, kisses & welcome back from everyone.
Even new people were like "Hey!"
I have to go through a refresher course but not the 3 weeks of training like I initially did when I started there back in '98.
10 years ago.
Who would have thought.
So, now I need my readers help.
What do I get Bobster????????
He's a 37 yr old man whose hobbies are racing cars, working on cars, watching racing, talking about racing & um, driving me insane. LOL
Got any suggestions?
Happy Tuesday!
Woops out!



You could try some racing gear, I think you said he follows NASCAR, you could get him a jacket or other clothing with his fave racer on it. You can find that stuff on the web. A GC to a Hobby shop or auto parts store would be good too.

Jacqueline Parks

DVD of special car race? Car accessory? Something to make him laugh?

Wish you luck!


Tickets to a drag race?

Noah's Mommy

Well..if there is ever a race near you....tickets???>....


I'll be more ready when I won this contest :)

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