Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Someone has moved into his big boy bed.
Finally Bobster has figured out he doesn't need the cribby any longer.
I crack myself up.

Seriously night before last we moved Cheeks into his toddler bed.
That's his crib/toddler bed up there.
Just a darker version & more well kept!

Anyway, he's doing great.
He doesn't get out until he is told too.
He says "I get in trouble if I get out?"
I told him "You are only allowed out if me or Daddy says it's ok"
This is working for now since he's not potty trained!

Guess since he's in the big boy bed, I must convert his "babyish" room to his "big boy" room.
Race car decor on it's way!

How is your kids room decorated?

Woops out!


Mary R

"I get in trouble if I get out" -thats cute!

My boys' room (they share a room) isn't decorated any certain way. the walls are blue and the theme is "lets see how much we can trash the room before we get into touble"


well my child bob's room is decorated in early salvation army. there is a workbench, phillies and eagles decorations tastefully strewn around the room. there is a picture of a woman from the mediterranean area gutting a fish. but my favorite deco is the wooden boston rocker centered in front of the tv set with the cat's litter box along side of it. ahhhh children...