Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Remember last year, when I had the problem with the friggin mice?
Tonight, I was baking a cake & decided to just tidy up my pantry.

Well, of course, one thing leads to another & next thing I know I am pullling everything out.
Thank God I did.
On the shelves.
Mouse poop.
Oh not just one.
Not even just 100.
About 800 pieces.
I had enought to build a small house for the friggin mice to live in.

I thought I got it all last year.
Those friggers are sneaky!
I got out the Clorox Wipes & went to town.
Then swept.
Then mopped.
My pantry is all clean.
Free of the mouse poop.
And lookin mighty spiffy, if I do say so myself.

I do know, if I ever see another mouse in this house I will freak the frig out.
They can stay outside.

Now here's another secret.
We usually get crickets in our kitchen.
I don't know why.
They must like my cookin.

Anyway, I hate bugs, especially ones the size of Volkswagon Beetles & that can jump at you.
So I have a secret weapon.
I call him...Cheeks, Cricket Killer.
I send my 2 yo in the kitchen.
He squashes them while I shiver in the dining room.
Then I go in & do the clean up work.
So yes, yes, I admit it.
I am training my son to be a killer.
I'm not proud
I am not having crickets jump at me.
With those long antennae's & those legs.

Well I am off to go scratch b/c all this rodent/insect talk is making me itch.