Thursday, May 07, 2009

S.O.S. I Give Up!

I am turning to my bloggy peeps.
I need to know where to find cute, different, albeit inexpensive clothes for my 2yo.
He is wearing 4T or 5T shirts but 2T or 3T pants (altho. his pants fall off of him so I think he maybe 24 months in the pants....none the less!)

I hit all the staples.
Children's Place
Old Navy
Janie & Jack
Crazy 8
Baby Gap/Gap Kids

I just want something w/o a monster, robot or character of sort on his shirts & something cute for his bottoms.

Boys get the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion.
Sure, I wouldn't put my kid in a cherry laden short set but perhaps a nice blue T with cute shorts would be more appropriate.
Unless I want the T to have a pic of a monster on it, I am out of lock.

So, bloggy friends, were do you find cute boys clothes???

Woops out!



I always did most of my shopping at Children's Place, but I don't like their selections as much now. You could try Kohl's or Carter's. Yardsales too. Oh, and try consignment shops or Goodwill.


They don't exist. And be prepared, when you hit the 4-7's it's all skateboarding! ARGHHHHHH.


I always got Chad jeans at Sears. They have this great thing where you can have them replaced for free if they wear out before they outgrown them. Otherwise I made most of his clothes and picked up plain colored t's at Target. Maybe I just got lucky? Or maybe my son just never was dressed "cute"

Gloria & Peter

:-) sorry for the shameless plug, but you might find something you like at our website - We're lining up some great new brands arriving over the Summer, and we're particularly looking to grow our boys clothes lines. I agree though - we have to say "NO WAY!" to so many suppliers wanting us to stock their "Hell's Toddler" lines!

Gloria & Peter

Miss Mommy

I shop for Little Man at Old Navy, The Children's Place, Kohl's, The Gap, on a very rare occassion Target.

I am not into trains, characters, monsters, etc. or any of that suff on Little Man's clothing either!! The plainer the better, I think anyway.

At Kohl's their Tony Hawk line has a great selection of plainer clothes. You just have to be on the hunt...always, unfortunetly.

I find whenever I am in any of the above stores I always take a peek to see wehat I can find for Little Man.

Oh and always on sale or clearance and most time with a acoupon too!! But, I am sure you already knew that part!!! LOL LOL

Penny Pinching Parent

Do you have an OshKosh near by? They seem to have some monster-free, robot-free shirts... although they do have there fair share of logo shirts too. I posted a coupon on PPP for 20% off a $40 purchase if you do have one close by and need it.

You are so right that boys get the short end of the stick on cute little guy stuff, but then when they get to the tween stage those of us with girls have to weed through hochie looking clothes to fnd something decent... so it all evens out I suppose! :o)


My baby boys are now in high school and wearing men's sizes. Thank goodness. Years of the above struggle. Girls section was always 3 times the size of boys section. Anyway, I usually had luck at Macy's and JCPenney.


You do have choices!!! Several internet retailers (inlcuding me) have created boys only shops. Manufacturers/brands are now more than ever aware that as moms we do feel boys should be able to wear something else than a truck t-shirt and jeans.


I just hit up Kohl's on Saturday for Eric...found several Nike shorts and plain shirts for him to I too also don't like the trucks, trains, monsters... Good Luck


You really have to dig to find the good adult clothes, but the kid's section is always packed with adorable stuff!

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper)

Meghan- I know I'm late and for that I apologize but yep - same lamentations here. I despise all the monsters, trucks, trains, and WCW or ECW wrestling crap on little boys clothes. I have found Baby Gap, (which I got at Consignment Shops) Old Navy, The Children's Place, Carter's, Thrift stores and sometimes JC Penney's. Fortunately for us, Dalton's ALWAYS wanted stripes. Don't have a clue why but he likes stripes even today. We have always done a lot of polo shirts plain and striped. I hate patterned t's..... hate them...