Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Listen, um....

is anyone else deeply disturbed by this commercial?

What commercial do you get creeped out by?
This one does it for me.

Woops out!



The only thing that creeps me out about it is that the hamsters shouldn't be in wheels that go nowhere; they should be in those plastic balls. It would send the same message, and be more realistic... um... as far as hamsters driving like humans is realistic... heh...


The only thing I find disturbing about this commercial is the size of the hamsters. Either those are HUGE hamsters or that car is horribly small inside!

The commercial that really creeps me out is the one for yogurt where the woman is in the grocery store and her mouth opens as large as her face and she slurps up the yogurt in a second or two. That one is not only creepy, but disgusting and I refuse to buy that item now because of the grossness of the ad!


Call me weird, but I think it's hilarious!


that's a funny commercial! Ive never seen it! I wasn't really weirded out by this one BUT the ones I despise are the Pedigree commercials where the dogs are chomping their food and treats and its like they stuck the mic in their faces we hear their slurps and crunches in stereo....it totally makes me want to scream! If I wanted to hear that irritating noise I would listen to my own dog eat (or my kids for that matter) but I dont! And I dont want to hear it on the tv! IT so grosses me out!


I thought the hamsters driving in the car was kinda cute *L* The one that creeps me out is the car commercial...can't remember the company off the top of my head..but the one where the animals are getting killed by the car...a cat, a bird...just creeps me out!

Eli's Lids

That baby that talks into the webcam. It gives me the creeps!!