Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday, Sunday, Sundae

Notice the spelling difference? That is b/c the Bobster just made me a Sundae! Can you stand it? It's Phish food, Magic Shell & Whipped Cream. Chocolate overload but damn it's good! I couldn't eat all my dinner that he cooked. Yes he cooked. That's like 3x's this week. I can definitely eat all my Sundae tho. I mean I would give preggo's a bad name if I didn't eat the Sundae!!!

Speaking of pregnant women...I must be huge. The Bobster & my mom & sister say I am enormous. Good for the ego. Anyway yesterday we ran to Target then down the shore. Well while waiting outside Target for him to bring my chariot so I didn't have to walk in this God awful heat, I hear Hi! I turn & there is this chicky there & she says "When are you due?" So I give her the quick synopsis, tell her just how big Ethan is & she says "Girrrrrrrrrrrrl , 2 words for you....C-SECTION~!" Um, yea!

Then we go down the shore & stop at a diner on the way home for dinner. I walk in, the hostess who is prob. in her fifties, says how many, I say 4. She looks at me & says "OOOH, NO BOOTH FOR YOU!" Ok, I am seeing a pattern here! Then she tells me to please not give birth in her restaurant. Ok, not sanitary!!! Upon checking out I have a "mom-mom" ask me "Are you going to make it home?" So I give her the quick run down, yadda yadda, 10lbs, Aug 16th, yadda yadda. She agrees with everyone else & says I am not going to make it!

So I waddle out of the restaurant & the mom-mom & her friend are behind me about 3 feet. I hear them say "Oh look at her legs, look at her ankles, so swollen, poor thing" All that was missing was oiy've!

Of course, I forgot to mention that this pass Monday I went to Philly to meet friend's for lunch & as I waddled thru. the parking lot I hear "Oh Girl, you are huge!", "Girl, your dropped!", "Congratulations", "Oh she's gonna go anyday!"

Ok people! I am getting the big picture here. Yes I look like a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Where are my handlers????

So hopefully I will get him out a little sooner than the 16th. I go to the dr on Thursday & will talk to them then. We shall see. The child has a 10 cm size head....just like his Charlie Brown looking head of a father! & you know you only dialate to 10 cms. Hello! He will shred me to pieces if I go vaginal.

I don't know how the women did it back in the day. Like the 1800's. Workign the fields, taking care of the house, no air conditioning or indoor plumbing. It's a miracle the human race has survived!!

Now onto my other dilemma. My sleep pattern. I am getting up everyday at 4:30. Altho. last night I was sleeping just fine when the Bobster came in to go to sleep in our bed. He was in the living room sleepipng with Tim & Chris. Well he woke me up b/c I was smack in the middle & I couldn't get back to sleep. I actually had tears in my eyes & cried. I am so exhausted. I know it will get worse, the lack of sleep, once the bambino arrives but that is different. O use complaining. I will be giving birth soon! So excited to see Ethan but very nervous about the c-section. Scarey stuff!

Enough rambling.

Woops out!



I had two c-sections and I thought they were fine...but I don't know any different. I was up within two weeks of both. And by up I mean doing everything but lifting.


Hopefully your doc will let you go a bit sooner. The sleep will get better after the babe comes, believe it or not. It'll still suck, but in a different way and you won't be so uncomfortable.


I agree.....the sleeping will definitely be better after Ethan arrives. Although you will be awakened frequently, you will at least be comfortable during the sleep you get! Hang in therre girly girl! He'll be here soon!

Awesome Abby

You will do just fine. And, what Torreh said, all of it. Are you breastfeeding? I can't seem to remember.