Friday, December 07, 2007

Are things getting better for me?

You tell me.

I have a 6ft long folding table propped up against a wall. I borrowed it from a friend & it hasn't gotten returned.

Well this evening I went to move something in front of the table.
The movement must have angered the table b/c it came crashing down and decided my nose was the place to land.

Thankfully Cheeks was in the playpen & my sister was here b/c I pushed it back out of reflex, then my hands flew to my nose.

Lots of blood.
I mean I think I need a transfusion.
There was a pool of it on the kitchen counter & in the sink.

Thank GOD for my sister. She cleaned up the blood on the counter, then swooped Cheeks up, who was upset at seeing his mommy bleeding, & took him upstairs to get ready for bed.

At this point, I was bent over the sink, talking to Bobster to ask him how I could tell if it was broken.
Fortunately where it hit & the fact that I could touch it w/o being in agony let Bobster figure out that it wasn't broken.

So after holding frozen carrots on my nose for about an hour, I looked in the mirror.
It is swelling nicely on right side & is bruised under my eye.

I fully expect to wake up tomorrow with black eyes.
Bobster has had many a broken/bruised nose & most likely I will get the black eye.
My mom & dad confirmed this.
Right now I just have a headache & can feel my nose swelling.
The bleeding has stopped.

Is my luck improving?
You tell me.

Woops out!



OMG that's terrible Meghan! I'm sure it will bruise, but hopefully it'll clear up quickly for you.

This was my first time checking out your blog, I'm from the playgroup.


Hope it heals soon. Just be sooooooo thankful it didnt fall on ethan.

Kathy Carr

Oh no Meghan! On the bright side, things gotta improve! BIG HUGS!

Jennifer and Amy

you poor thing! Sounds like it will be good to get out of 2007, LOL! Sending you Christmas wishes and peace during this time.


Tara O

OH hugs Sweet friend....OWIE!!!!!!


Oh Honey, I'm so sorry! I hope it's better soon!