Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Welcome new baby!

See that stunning beauty up there!
That is my preggers friend, my compadre, Megan.
She gave birth today to a 9lb , 2 oz baby boy at 7:25pm!!!
There is a new boy in the fold!!!!!
Congrats Meg & hubby. I will see the new family soon.
Let's see what else, what else.
Um, I got scammed on a gift for the 14 yr old thru Ebay.
Now I have to scrambled to get replace it & also contact Paypal to put thru a dispute.
Good times.
Good times.
Are you all proud of me....4 days into the month & 4 posts.
Have I finished the 4 remaining layouts that I need to do by Christmas.
Of course not! But I am bloggin!!!
So anyone got any good appetizer recipes for me?
I am hosting Chrismtas Eve & would like to have some yummies around.
On that note
Woops out!