Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lazy Day

And you can see how the dad & the baby spent their day.
Cheeks was very whiney today...he's got a cold (calling the ped tomorrow as his cough is a little horsey for me & the dad).
Anyway he just didn't want to do anything so Bobster said, let me see if he will lay down with me.
Well, lay down with daddy! That is like shoes to Imelda Marcos!
Within 10 mins, Cheeks was out.
Notice the leg in the last photo! He either puts it down or puts it's never straight on the mattresss.
Cheeks is definitely going to miss the daddy when he goes to PR again. My heart is breaking for him. They have bonded something fierce this week & Cheeks eyes sparkle everytime Bobster walks into the room! The mommy no longer exists.
*sigh* Sure I carried him for 9 months & then was cut from hip to hip for his birth but where am I on the fav list...I'm like #6. It goes:
So really, I'm #8!
For the love of God!
On that note, Woops out!



these pictures are too cute ... love the leg!!! And I bet you're WAY higher on that list than you think my dear! :) Hope the littl guy is feeling better!


Ever notice though that when they are sick or tired that you move up to at least number two????



um...atleast you place! What the hell. You carried him for 9 months but who is the one that is with him ALL day EVERYDAY! takes him places, buys him things...I can't wait till he can appreciate it! Now Im aggrivated