Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's not a mullet!

I don't particulary care for the mullet, it's just that I am letting his hair grow long & right now, it's sort of mullet like. I like it tho. & I can't bear to bring myself to get it cut.
Check out his snazzy new shoes!
$20 bucks at Carters + I got 20% off.

Now nothing is truly exciting.
The big mahaf is due into my job this Friday.
Today I heard rumours that they are offering everyone over 50 early retirement. Really my feeling of job security is just soaring.

So already making New Years resolutions.
Obviously, lose weight is the numero uno.
Save money is number two...any tips would be appreciated.
Thirdly go green!

If you have tips for saving the moola & going green...lemme know!

I have a splitting headache. Just took 4 OTC Motrin...pray they work. Sure it's 800mg's but what's a little internal bleeding if it stops the head pain, right?

Woops out!



Hell, if I always listened to the whole Motrin/Ibuprofin thing, I'd have been dead a long time ago!



Okay girl... on going green... Few simple things.. Change all your lightbulbs over from incandensant to fluro (saves on the bill to), make a huge effort at recycling. Take the bus to work (yeah right I dont even do that) Set your fridge to 37.4F it reduces the CFC output your fridge emits. Use ethanol blended fuel. How is that for starters??? Oh Recycle your washing machine water and mop bucket water. Mine goes out onto my plants.. Use earth friendly cleaning products or stuff that is Phosphate free..

Okay I will stop now LOL!!!

As for the money... when you figure it out let me know okay!!!


He is a cutie! Charles takes that many motrin and tylenol. lol