Saturday, December 08, 2007

Update on Nose & Other Things

1st things 1st.....
The nose is in pretty good shape.
I can see a slight purplish tint & slight swelling but if you didn't know I got slammed in it, you wouldn't have the faintest idea anything was wrong.
It's a good thing!
Altho. I did tell my sister & girlfriend that after having it hurt so much & bleed so much, I at least deserve to bruise so perfect strangers can go "OOH! AAAH! Im sorry" Ya know, a little sympathy...LOL
It does hurt to touch so I try not to touch it.

Erin decorated outside the other day. She did a really great job!
I like it!

Now we have to do the tree.
Got it today.
Decorate it tomorrow.
When we were bringing it in, Cheeks just looked at us like "WoW! They are bringing the outside in!"
So stay tuned for the updates of us saying "No. Get away from the tree", "Don't go near the tree please", "Didn't I tell you not to go near the tree", "Give me the ornament". Yes I can see into the future.

On that note.........
Woops out!



get ready my son is 16 months old and thats all he does all day is mess with tree.


ahhh, I remember those days!