Friday, December 21, 2007

Cheeks, Daddy is coming home tomorrow, are you excited???

Bobster returns from the big island tomorrow for the Holidays.
As you can see my filthy son is very excited! As is his mommy.
Bobster has been gone since Thanksgiving.
I just try to look at it like he's in the military & goes away on assignment.
Keeps me going.

So we are in the home stretch.
What does everyone have left to do.
I have like 2 gift cards to get, so food & wrap.
Guess I should clean.
I think I saw some dustballs revolting & getting the cobwebs to join their army.

Well I made it 21 days in a row for posting...I am sure I will miss a few btwn now & the end of the year, especially with the PapaBird returning to the nest.
Keep checking tho., b/c I'm gonna try to post something at least everyday, if not every other!

Merry Christmas!!!!!
Woops out!