Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Daddy has returned

How do you feel about that bit of news Cheeks?

Seriously, I haven't seen a little boy more overjoyed than my son. Just as Bobster arrived home, he woke from his nap, so Bobster went to get him. Cheeks cuddled with him & then Bobster brought him downstairs. Cheeks laid on Bobby for 20 mins., just enjoying his Daddy.

Then we went w/ Bobster to do a few errands he had to do today. If Bobster got out the car & we didn't, Cheeks would cry til he got back in.

Bedtime was a goodtime.
Cheeks decided he didn't want to go.
We think it's b/c he's afraid Bob won't be here when he wakes up.
We ended up laying with him in our bed for about 20 mins to get him calmed down enough & to show him that Daddy was still here.
So before he fell asleep I put him back in his cribby so he could rub the tag & put his feet up, which he does to go to sleep.
This took a total of 5 mins.
When I went back into our room, Bobster was asleep.
Yea, he was diagonal on the bed & was using both pillows + the body pillow.
Looks like I am sleeping on the couch tonight!

Here is a glimpse of the tree.
I am totally in love with the "Jolly" word ornament.
Not a total fan of colored lights but I don't let them blink so it's ok.

Well I am off....gonna try to watch Elf & relax on my bed, er I mean couch.

Woops out!