Monday, July 05, 2010

40 things

Since it's my birthday month I thought I would do a little post about moi.
Call me narcissistic but I'm going to do 40 things about me post.
Your enthralled.
I can tell.

Let's do it, shall we:
1.  My middle name is Kathleen.
2.  I'm 6ft tall.
3.  My fav ice cream is Ben & Jerry's Phish Food.
4.  Fav band is Sister Hazel.
5.  I've been to Ireland, England, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland & Holland.
6.  I appeared on the tv show Dancin On Air & Dance Party USA.
7.  I graduated from Rutgers w/ a degree in English & Elementary Ed certified.
8.  I busted my lip open as a kid resulting in a huge bump as a scar.  It's not visible now but as a kid it was horrendous.
9.  Almost all my friends are named Kathy or Megan.
10.  Fav color is PINK!
11.  I am terrified of spiders. Ick.
12.  I am addicted to blogs.
13.  Total Food Network addict.
14.  I enjoy baking.
15.  My fav # is 15.
16.  My friends threw me a surprise sweet 16 party.
17.  I've been out of school 22 years. O.M.G.
18.  My cell phone tune is "Bulletproof"
19.  My first concert was when I was 23 & I saw The Steve Miller Band.
20.  I have traveled by train to Florida from Philadelphia...down & back.  Never again!
21.  This is a lot harder than I thought...fact #21.
22.  Bobster & I were set up on a blind date.
23.  I love the pin up look but I would look like a moron.
24.  I'm LDS.
25.  I am not a nature person.  Give me a temperature controlled climate any day.
26.  My first car was a 79 Chrysler Cordoba.
27.  I have red hair.
28.  I worked in a dry cleaners, a pharmacy, a clothing store for older people, Bath & Body Works, a candle store, a supermarket, a paper manufacturer, a floor installer & a distributor.
29.  I failed gym, not once but twice in highschool.
30.  Had braces 3x's.
31.  When I sing it sounds like cats are dying.
32.  My favorites movies are Steele Magnolias & The Matchmaker.
33.  I love to read.
34.  Adore celeb gossip.
35.  I forgot I've been to Canada.
36.  I was 36 when I had my son.
37.  I've never lived anywhere but the state I was born in.
38.  I lied I've been to Puerto Rico too.
39.  I still have my tonsils.
40.  I used to have my ears double pierced but I grew keloids in the second hole & had them removed.

Ok, now it's your turn to tell me something about yourself.




appeared like a celebrity on tv??? hmmm and i agree with your singing remar... you forgot to mention what a fabuuuuuu mommy you have. so make that fact #41.


Happy birthday to you! {{{hugs}}} My own 40th is in 17 days! How did we get so old??? It feels like just yesterday we were newly married and scrapping our days away! Of course the marriages didn't last and scrapping has taken a back seat to Life with Kids... Makes me wonder how Tara manages! Ok...enough... the next 40 years is gonna rock! ^o^


Great list! Here's one which will help with the turning 40...I love being in my 40's more than I loved being in my 20's!!

Eli's Lids

Love it!!
This is my bday month too! What day?