Friday, July 09, 2010

Despicable Me

All I can say is...I want a minion!
A minion!!!!!

Go see it.

I saw it & let me tell you...AWESOME! HEART WARMING! FUNNY! LIGHT HEARTED!

Took Cheeks, Aunt Erin & Brandon to see it.
We all loved it.
Even saw it in 3D & both lil boys kept their neat-o peachy keen glasses on through the whole movie.

It's only 95 minutes and keeps your interest the entire time.
It has many one liners & portrays typical parent & child behaviors, along with evil criminal behaviors as well.

Definitely a must see for the summer!

If you see it in 3D be jump because I did a few times. 
I have seen a few 3D's here & there & the animation part was nothing compared to this 3D special effects.

So really, don't waste your time on other non animated films, head on out this weekend & see Despicable Me!

Let me know if you do.