Monday, July 12, 2010

Downhill to 40

As 40 rapidly approaches for me this week (Friday) I have begun to notice some changes in my body.
Say today for instance.
There I am, deep in thought, when my hand grazes my chins (yes, chins, keepin it real.)
I feel something wirey, yet soft.
What was Meghan? you say.
A hair.
Not only one but three.
There I said it.
The closer 40 gets, the more chin hairs sprout.
They are either white or black.
Sorry to be so graphic.
My blog.

Not only that, my knees are killing.
They always have but they seem to be getting worse.

Let's not talk about the girls.
You know what Im talking about.
Girls, twins, tatas, kasaba melons.
Gravity is not my friend.
I would like to know why is that when I lay down, the girls decide they are more comfy on the sides of body in between the side of chest & my arms.
Attractive, I know!

So tell me, when you were approaching a new decade in your life, what have you experienced?


Miller Racing Family

What a wonderful post. Don't you just love being a woman. The chin hair just made me laugh as I can so relate.
Thanks for brightening my day!

MS Mom

Haha....funny post. I am seeing the same things you are - except my girls arent big enough to fall to the side. Chin hairs? Yes. Butt starting to site behind the knees rather than below your back? Yes. "Extra skin" flapping when you hold your arms up? Oh yea. And i have a few more years before I hit 40. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!


I can so relate to the chin hair, I'll be in the mirror and ron will say didn't you just do that two days ago! YEP I'm like hey, I get to have a 5 oclock shadow too.......don't fence me out!
For Christmas I'm asking for a norelco! you want to join me in the request? love you meghan, miss you on HHS

Miss Janice

Well, I'm a LOT older than you...I love life and every passing day brings a different experience for Miss Janice. Girl 40 is YOUNG!!!


Amazingly, it is Friday. We've made it. I am 40 today as well and have been thinking the same things... but I'm also VERY pregnant and on bed rest. Week 8 (9?) of 16 weeks. Is 40 (what with chins, hairs, drooping, aching) a good time to start this all over again? I say "YES". Because in a year I'll be 41 and in 10 I'll be 50... and why not? Congratulations to you on your milestone! - Jen