Tuesday, July 06, 2010

For the love of God

It's hot.
Like white hot.
Like Africa hot.

It reached over 100 degrees today.
This is Jersey....you know humidity, not inferno temperatures.

All I want to do is sit & sip some lemonade.
In a climate controlled environment.

How about you?
What's the weather like were you are?


Preppy Little Dress

Yuck, too HOT 4 me! Nothing like a fresh glass of lemonade! Stay cool!


Oh girl....you KNOW I know! LOL If I wasn't in my air conditioned home, I was running to the air conditioned car, and then into the air conditioned Shop Rite! LMAO I've been drinking ice water with lemon all day....but that lemonade is looking pretty darn tasty! :)

MS Mom

I live in Mississippi where humidity is a daily thing and this time of year you can't much breathe when you step outside. I prefer sweet tea to lemonade though.

P.S. love your blog!